Monday, June 27, 2011

Thrift Haul: The Animated Vintage Kitsch Toy Zoo. And More!

After a long "Thrift Break" I hit the thrift stores hard this weekend! I meandered in and out of the thrifts and flea markets, checking every crevice to satisfy my need for vintage kitsch. Hours later I'm thrift spent and gratified. Was it good for you, lady thrift? 'Cause you put out so good!

Vintage perfection! I found this playful vintage chalkboard at The Bargain House of Fleas for 50 cents, along with a couple of vintage children's and cook books.

And speaking of kitsch, UNICORNS! Unicorns, bitch! There's nothing more I can say here, moving on...

Religious paint by number finds. I love the colors. Also, be sure to admire the beautiful "Home Sweet Home" sign and cute dog decanter.

Vintage tablecloth and dress! I love the pattern with kids at play, looks just like a vintage storybook.

Vintage hangers! I'm getting closer to replacing all of my hangers with vintage wooden ones. And these will come in handy displaying art prints, too. 16 for $5!

Toy boat! $4 is more than I wanted to pay for a toy that I didn't need, but giant toys are irresistible! It has wheels on the bottom so I can push it at visitors and trip them if desired! This ship happens to have a damn fine captain, too(!) ...

90s hair lego man!
I'm going to name him Leon Scott Kennedy after the video game character he strongly resembles. I found one at a thrift store near the beach and the other at a flea market across town, but boat and Leon were just meant to be together.

Vintage 60s "Distinctive Gifts Wrap", it was still in it's original plastic sheath when I bought it. Gotta think of what I'll do with it!

And my favorite find for a mere $1.45, this beautiful vintage boat carving. Oh, those details! It's like it popped out of one of my art history wet dreams, and it's all mine. Can anyone ID this piece?

Thrift Core Shop Updates!

I've added a few goodies from this weekend to the Thrift Core Shop! Here's a couple of my favorites:

Groovy mushroom coffee pot set I found this weekend. Get it before I decide to keep it!

Cute fox glasses! These are perfect for cold tea in the summer for you and your friends, yum! Go get 'em!

Adorable owls to adorn your kitchen counters! You know you what them! They look like they came from a Don Bluth cartoon! I saw them singing in the background in one scene, I'm sure of it!

Ridiculously cute and playful black kittens. All of the fun of having kittens but without the litter box. You Need Them!

Fourteen huge photos later, I'm sure you've experienced the same thrift-gasm I did. And I didn't even fully capture every bit of beauty I found this weekend! 'Twas exhausting, but well worth it! Now to leave you with a final bit of whimsy, here's a comic I made based on a flea market find I encountered this weekend. It's naughty, but I couldn't help myself.

What did you find this weekend?
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  1. Are those owls wearing boxing gloves? I'm so confused... :)

  2. They're ready to kick some ass! I think...those are smiling salt and pepper shakers? Creepy-cute!

  3. Let's see... Godzilla's flying fist, a rolling boat tripping hazard... methinks you either don't like visitors or are simply frustrated you can't build a moat or find a thrift sale portcullis.

  4. That tablecloth...I loooooove it!

  5. Hah - my husband had Leon Scott Kennedy lego man's hair in the 90s! I have quite enough pirate ship related stuff in my house from the kids without me adding to it, although I share their partiality to lego men - do you get the collectable ones which come in their own packet in the USA? We just got 'Mad Scientist' - very exciting!

    Love the blackboard, hangers, wrapping paper, tablecloth...good work!

  6. Zombiedad: I actually love visitors, so maybe I should shoot Godzilla's fist and push the boat at the nice people walking their dogs outside all the time ;) Where are the home alone burglars when I need them?

  7. Jenny: Me too! I think it'll be my muse for decorating my art market booth when I finally have enough merch to start one again!

    Lakota: I LOVE lego men but I think this is the first one I've bought. It would become a dangerous addiction and I only have so much space in my little apartment...Funny that your husband had Leon, too!

  8. I think the Owls just look if you took a swing at them they would just cover their face and hundle. ha! Looks like quite a haul!

  9. Beccalina: That's an accurate description! They're are weird-cute in the best way.

  10. My kids have that Fisher Price pirate ship and love shooting the cannons at the dogs (or giant whales, as the boys call them). $4 was a steal!

  11. That vintage chalkboard is great, with the letters and numbers!

  12. Nice unicorn finds! I love the painting. And where in the world did you find those fox glasses? Those are bad ass!

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  13. Brian: Aw, I wish mine had the cannons. The whole ship will have to be my weapon, I'll push it at people ;) !

    SixBalloons: I love the letters and the numbers, and the bold graphics make the dainty Mary and Lamb stand out.

    Jackie: The unicorn is so perfectly 90s...and doesn't that form in the distance resemble the castle from Fantasia? I hope to sell it soon though, too saccharine to display in my home for long!

  14. Great and fun stuff! The little chalkboard is so sweet. Your mushroom coffee set probably won't last long in your store. Those little kittens are adorable, and this from a dog person.

    Maybe those kitchen owls are wearing oven mitts?

  15. Oooh ... super thrifting! I am in LOVE with the tablecloth with the kids playing. Any chance you'll offer it up in your shop? *pretty please* :)

  16. Tammy: I hope it doesn't, or I'll be tempted to keep it! ;) And you're right, those could be over mitts. I love our creative interpretations for those silly birds!

    Heather: Thank you for your interest. I love it, too, so I couldn't sell it for -less- than $25 plus shipping. Sorry, I price things emotionally like a big jerk ;) Let me know if you're still interested,

  17. OMG. i love that lamp next to the boat carving!

  18. wow! you are a kitsch goddess... I just don't even know what to say. Religious paint-by-numbers? Dog decanter? Boxing owls? Unicorns?! (may I just say that I had an UNHEALTHY obsession with unicorns as a child... hehe)

  19. drew: Thank you! I don't think it's an authentic mod lamp but it was a happy and cheap antique store find.

    Vintage Scapes: I live for kitsch! :)

  20. I don't even know where to start everything is so amazing. I love that chalkboard - it's so adorable and could be used in so many different ways. Unicorns = WIN! (You totally giving me hope for myself with finds like these, Van!) The mushroom tea set is also to do die for... but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the ship carving! I've never seen anything like it - super fab.

  21. ooh the little brown dress looks so sweet x

  22. Flo: I agree, it's so unqiue and medieval looking. I think someone hand-carved it! No one's been able to provide a positive ID.

    Max: It is! I'm going to hem it, adjust it, then take some pictures. It'll be a fun dress re-style!

    Sir Thrift-A-Lot: It reminds me of your website logo, now that I think about it! ;)

  23. FAB STUFF!!!!!!!! Love all of it! My boys would go mad for that boat, now obsessed with finding one!

  24. OMGUNICORNS! *And* paint by number Jesus? Well done.

  25. It's funny how every girl in our generation will swoon over unicorns, I've been picking up unicorn items for the past year or so at the thrift to re-live my childhood!

    Oddly enough I have a similar wooden ship carving that I picked up on a trip to Kalamazoo, Michigan last year. It is also carved out of a rough plank around the same size as yours... the style of the actual ship is different though-- I'd assumed mine was some kind of naive/folk art or a souvenir. I'll take a picture of it soon and send it to you!

  26. wow lady and i thought i made out like a bandit! my hat goes off to you! hehehe

    wow jesus paint by numbers!?!?!? i can't get better then that! really it can't!


  27. I love the hangers!! I recently saw them used to hang artwork or scrapbook pages on a gallery wall...great find!

  28. Thrifted Treasure: I love all the toys and playful bits you uncover, too!

    Monogirl: The paint by number Jesus, ultimate kitsch!

    The Thriftaholic: I'd love to see the boat! I actually don't collect unicorns personally and loved robots as a little girl, but I admire their shining kitsch glory!

  29. CB: Yep, that's the crowning gem of Kitsch. With a Virgin Mary to match it!

    Carla: I love using them to hang art prints, using them for scrapbook pages and bits of fabric is a good idea, too!

  30. I won't lie, I think Leon is about to bust out some creepy PUA Method on me. He just has that look . . .
    Whereas that boat carving looks like it needs to be in my house :)

  31. Jayca: Leon definitely looks like a creeper, but I still love him. ;) !

  32. Mamma mia! Fab finds! Love those foxy glasses. And those bitchin' unicorns. :)

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

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