Monday, June 20, 2011

Thrift Haul: Cards and Video Games for Pocket Change

I hunted for antique store merchandise this weekend but didn't have much luck. Instead I came home with little odds and ends from yard sales and thrift stores. These old maid cards were .39 cents, they were the only thing I picked up from Goodwill this weekend. They're soft and smooth from being well-used and I love the slightly faded watercolor illustrations.They'll make fun business cards or price tags for my antique store booth, not sure what I'll do with them yet.

I tried to hunt for good merchandise to resell at yard sales, but found this cute fabric instead. I paid 20 cents for a couple of scraps I know I'll use instead of snagging a whole box for two dollars. (Taking measures to keep house clutter down!) Now I need to hurry up and use these!

And the silliest find, Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z party favors! I paid $1.00 for the lot, some of it's going to be used for gag gifts, the rest will actually be used at the next inevitable party I host. It's not a party without Pokémon party hats!

Speaking of video games, I left my favorite Flea Market, The Bargain House of Fleas, with a 50 cent copy of Tomba for the PlayStation 1. It's a colorful fun platform game, I'm excited to play it again, it's been years! 

What did you find this weekend?
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  1. Fun stuff. I do not remember graphics like those on the old maid cards I had.

  2. Me either, these ones look like faded watercolor paintings. Very fun! I think I should scan each illustration for posterity.

  3. ohh...old maid cards! Beautiful illustrations! The fabrics are so thrifty and lovely! Well done.


  4. Mongs: Now I've got to hurry and find a use for them ;)

  5. love the pokemon stuff. LOL. tell me how you'd convert playing cards into business cards. i LOVE that idea. can i steal it?

  6. Angelika: You can print your information on labels and stick them on the cards like stickers, it's fun and gives your cards personality/makes them stand out.

    You can also scan the art and incorporate it into a digital design. Steal all you want, of course. I'm sure I saw it somewhere first, too!

  7. What a great idea to use the cards for price tags or business cards, I wouldn't have thought of that!

  8. Jil: They make the funnest price tags, you can use them to display jewelry, too...

  9. Great illustrations and such cool fabrics. I just posted about the most awesome 80s dress I found but sadly it doesn't fit me. It's truly insane though so I couldn't leave it behind.

    And today I found some a 50s pitcher and glasses, plus some 1920s earrings in a charity shop, so quite pleased.

  10. Lakota: I just saw the of the most amazing things I've ever seen! Seriously, I wouldn't leave it behind, either!

  11. Those old maid cards brought back some memories. Great idea to use them for price tags or business cards or displaying jewelry. Very creative ideas.

    The fabrics are lovely too. Would love to see what you do with them once you decide.

  12. It's been a Pokémon day!

    On the way to work lay a Pokémon doll in the bushes, a customer came in wearing Pokémon underwear (his pants were a little too low) & now some awesome Pokémon party supplies!

  13. gotta catch them all, pokemon! (thanks a lot, stuck in my head now)...

    also, great fabric. the bunnies are cute, and the strawberry fabric, is it an oil cloth? it has a bit of sheen in the photo. very pretty.

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