Monday, June 6, 2011

Thrift Haul: Playful Mod Treasures Aplenty

This weekend I hit up a couple of curbsides, local yard sales, and "free boxes" to yield a bounty of mod treasures. I met nice neighbors, petted sweet dogs, and found more than I should even try to document in one post, it was a beautiful! I'll go yard sale hopping again next weekend for sure!

 The Master Splinter was on another spot-on thrifted gift from my older brother. I adore it. It was hand crafted by some ninja turtles fan, the signature on the bottom reads "JH". The cups and matching trays are "Gits Ware". The cute little salt and pepper shakers were in their original vintage packaging (already opened.)

Speaking of TURTLE POWER, I was estatic to find this video tape. I used to watch and enjoy the over the top CHEESINESS that was this video tape as a kid, and in my teen and college years it was the perfect tape to whip out and confuse friends with.

I loved watching their bewildered expressions! A friend of mine lost this tape when they moved. Heartbroken, I hunted for it while thrifting for years. One time I thought I found it was, but the wrong VHS was in the case! This time I finally have it again. Friends beware, I will subject you to it, in all its horror!

On a thrift run last week, I've never found a Chelsea Handler book while thrifting. My Horizontal Life is still my favorite. The Kitsch book was .45 cents very well spent, I live for Kitsch! I'll let you know if I learn anything from this vintage tome of Kitsch essays and photos.

One of many treasures from the free box, wooden bowl-type things.What would you call these?

  I'm not sure if this magazine rack is authentic vintage or not. I love it and found it at a yard sale. 

It'll be hanging out in the Southern Crossing Antique Mall if anyone local wants it.

I found cute mod glasses aplenty. Not keeping any of them, they'll all be for sale in the Thrift Core Shop and in my Antique Store Booth.

I found some excellent classic records. These two cases were purchased just for the art. I love the bright colors and the distressed sleeves just add to it. They'll look nice in a black frame.

This was a $2.50 find from Southern Crossing Antique Mall. I love her vintage illustrative look and the chipped paint makes her perfectly imperfect. I'll be keeping all of the planters I found this weekend, they're the perfect shapes and colors. I'll update when they're filled with greenery and tucked into little corners of my home. My favorite one is the round green one in the first picture!

Remember: If you want anything from this post, it will be in the Thrift Core Shop soon. If it's not, contact me!

What Did You Find This Weekend?

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  1. WOW!! You found some pretty cool little treasures. Those little bowls are great..sorry I don't know what they are called either. I would just call them little bowls also! And those mod glasses rock!!

  2. I would call your wooden freebies a great find! Beyond that I'd say nut or snack bowls, usually from a set of 4 or 6, maybe with a larger bowl. Your green/orange S&Ps can not possibly be vintage. I have the same set bought new, just back in the, umm, well, pre-80s.
    I am so happy to hear you say TMNTs are still cool, even if kitschy cool. I used to buy them for my son, bought quite a few at a clearance sale and was still dolling them out to him in college. (90s) I know I have more tucked away (NIP) somewhere. I've moved a few times since then!

  3. Hahaha That was my yard sale! You came at the right time (packing up time) Hope you do well with it all!

  4. Hi Beccalina! Thank you! :) I'm keeping most of it, I love the planters and the kokeshi! I must follow your blog now, your vintage collections are incredible!

  5. Dogsmom: Well that makes sense, thank you for the ID! I've seen them at several antique stores so I assumed they were from the distant past. I'm going to use these little ones, though. :)

  6. I love those planters Van especially the jadey green one.
    Are those wooden thingos scoops? you know, for scooping stuff? flour, sugar etc? Or if they're small they might be little salt cellars?

  7. What fantastic finds!! Might have to go hit up your shop!

  8. Great finds, Van! That Splinter figure is fantastic. I've never seen it before and am wondering if it's vinyl or ceramic? Any date stamp on the bottom?

  9. Brian: It's signed with a JH and I suspect it could have been made by someone? It's cermaic. No date that I can see, it's so unique!

  10. That magazine rack is definitely vintage! those used to be so common and I never ever see them anymore. Kinda wished I had picked some up back in the day. Lovin Splinter, he looks very well done to be homemade.

  11. Splinter!! haha! I haven't thought of him in a long long time, used to love TMNT! And that magazine rack is awesome, possum!

  12. I don't even know where to start! Master Splinter is amazing and so unique! The dishes and the planters are amazing. The little clear glasses with the green mod design match a vase and a planter I picked up recently. They're gorgeous. The magazine rack looks vintage to me - what great lines. Great finds, Van!

  13. That magazine awesome! And those mod mugs. Definitely a productive weekend for you!

  14. Dhamma: Thank you for the tip! My splinter needs a special stage to shine somewhere in the house! :)

  15. You found some cool stuff. My favorites are Master Splinter, the cool mod glasses and the magazine rack.

  16. Like the magazine rack, it has great lines! Nice kokeshi doll too. My mother used to have those salt shakers - we used them for our camping trips.

  17. Jil: Those would be perfect for camping trips, or in a little lunch box/bento box. They are so cute.

    I just got an e-mail from someone else who remembers them from childhood, maybe they've been producing the same ones for years?

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