Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Art Walk Interview: Thrifter and Artist Teresa of Artefact Redux

Artefact Redux is a staple at Fans and Stoves Antique Mall in Five Points and now at Jacksonville's Downtown Artwalk. I was so pleased to catch-up with Teresa at Art Walk and ask her a few questions about her fun line of streampunk-style jewelry and accessories. (All made with thrifted materials!)

1. Are most of your supplies from thrfting?

Oh my god, this dress, these shoes, my whole outfit except for the undergarments is thrifted. I'm always thrifting, and not just for supplies!

2. Where's your favorite place to thrift for supplies?

Fans & Stoves Antique Mall and the Thrift Center.

3. What influences your work?

The steam punk aesthetic, my grandmother, and urban decay. I like to work in architectural elements, like drawer pulls.

4. Do you do this full time? Do you sell online and in Brick and Mortar stores?

Yes, I do this full time. Both online and in Brick and Mortar locations.


5. What sells better for you?

Brick and Mortar. I do better than I do online, it's a bigger pond with more competition on the internet!

6. What keeps you motivated?

Aside from wanting to do what I love? I just love jewelry, I have since I was a little girl. Also, scouring for the perfect deal while thrifting for supplies keeps me going!

7. How would you classify your aesthetic?

Vintage and salvaged. These are really the two things that applies to every piece consistently.

8. Any artwork that influences what you do?

Junko Mizuno influences a lot of the fun stuff I do. And I love Klimnt.

(I interrupt here to gush about how much I love Junko Mizuno and she shows me her Junko Mizuno tattoo!)

9. What are future plans for your business?

I'm starting to hammer more, starting to expand into metal work. I want to make more online sles. There's a lot of techniques I'd like to learn.

10. What are your tips for beginners?

Never assume what something can be.Always try to redefine how you would use something- a necklace could become a bracelet. Or something else...

She had a book full of her designs on the table in her booth. Brilliant idea!

11. What do you do to keep motivated with your business?

I set myself time frames to get things done, I keep a schedule, and getting new supplies helps!

12. How does it feel to be your own boss?

Sometimes it's hard to motivate myself, but it's very freeing.

13. How long have you been working for yourself?

Exclusively, since 2009- that's the year I quit working at the toy store to do this. I've been working on Artefact Redux since 2007.

14. Any final words of wisdom for future thrifty business owners?

There's a couple of things that just won't sell no matter what, be prepared for that. Then there will be some things you can't sell because they're too special!

You can buy Artefact Redux pieces online on Art Fire or here in Jacksonville at Fans and Stoves Antique Mall. She's at Art Walk the first Wednesday of every month in Hemming Plaza! Thank you for answering my questions, Teresa!

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  1. Loving that jewelry big time. Going to check out her online store now!

  2. Lindsey: She had a wide variety of work, I especially love anything she makes with eyeballs on it!

  3. "never assume what something can be." -- i try to apply that to people as well :)

    great interview van. interesting pieces she has brought together!

  4. You should also check out her Flickr account at


    it shows all of the works she has ever made including her commissioned pieces, current metal work, and private collection. She also does AMAZING photography of urban decay and portraits.

  5. cafsurfine: Thank you for the link!

  6. Such great work. Totally inspirational!!

  7. Ana: Great advice!

    Brooke: I agree, I need to hit her up for some jewelry-making tips ASAP.

  8. SWEET! I especially love the choker necklace featured in her book, kind of looks like a key dangling at the center - very eye-catching!Fun interview, Van! :)


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