Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Peeks Around my Home Office: Art Keeps Me Productive

Artwork, and ample visual stimulation are necessities for my work spaces. Rearranging creative vignettes and keeping my computer desk clean keeps me invigorated and focused. Hey, whatever strange rituals are necessary to keep me working, I'll do 'em!


Surrounding myself with artwork from local artists is a bonus, it propels me to work on my own art and keep putting myself out there. The robot print in this post is by  Brian Bernard and the two hanging prints are from Old School Junk. (Interview here.)

If you're like me and occasionally struggle to keep your workspace organized, Here are some more excellent sources for home office organization inspiration:

If you want some amazing art prints for your home office I recommend shopping the selection at Papernstitch and Thumbtack Press, both sources have artwork to suit every taste and every home office! 

What are necessities in your home office or studio?
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  1. What a creative space! I love the robot print and I just redid my son's room in robots (at his insistence), so I am off to order it!

  2. Wow, great space! Mine is a mess right now, I'm going to all the sites.
    Good post!

  3. Willo: Aw, tell him Van from Thrift Core sent you. I loved discovering his work at the Riverside Arts Market 2 weekends ago!

  4. Jil: I'll be showing off more corners of my home office space/dining room combo later. NOT pedantically organized, but it's colorful and fun!

  5. Van, I'm thinking we are sisters from another Mister. I have three of those books on your bookshelf. And you know how I love robots. That's it! I'm taking pictures later so we can compare and contrast, lol.

    <3Jackie @Let's Go Thrifting!

  6. Jackie, with our mutual obsession with Japan, Robots, Toys, Crafts, and Thrifts, I'm starting to suspect the same thing. Let the challenge begin, post yours first and I'll link it in my "peek around the office" post I have planned for next week!

  7. I love your robot painting. Too much fun! Thanks for the inspirational peek around your house :-)
    Cheers ~ Lara

  8. I hope my photo did it justice, Lara!

  9. are is perfect to keep one productive! i love that color on your wall and i just love all your robot art and figurines and how it is all arranged too!


  10. I'm hoping this post provides me with a much needed spark of motivation to get off my bum and get some things done around the house. Clean, organize, etc. I think I'll write a priority post tomorrow. Thanks for the spark!

  11. cb: Thank you! It all just sort of came together as I was rearranging vignettes. I love my collections!

  12. Flo: The links will definitely help you get things organized!

  13. i totally agree with you about the need to control clutter - the problem at my house is that i don't have my very own dedicated office space; i share it with my husband who has no problem living with clutter. thrives on it in fact. you should see his office at work! so i'm constantly battling clutter in our office! but i do have a very beautiful space at work with artwork of all kinds. the other thing that i really need is good lighting - i can't stand fluroescnet lights, so i've had them unscrew the bulbs in the light above my desk and i keep a soft bulb desk lamp and a really big window.

  14. I need to organize my "piles" in my home office...esp before I start to create things.

    Funny thing is that I also started calling my booth my "office" too. ;)


  15. I love your objects of inspiration. :)
    I've got pictures of my kids on a bulletin board above my computer and a small motivational poster with Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly from "The Devil Wears Prada" with some quotes to keep me working.
    I'm currently working on piles on my desk. I'm definitely going to check out those links.

  16. Angelika: I remember we chatted about that, I unscrewed the florescent bulbs at my work too, and use a floor lamp I "created" from photography equipment (the light umbrella-things)! Haha! So glad they tolerate my eccentricities here.

  17. Pam: I tossed the stuff I can't find a place for into a couple of boxes to handle later. Better than letting them consume every available surface!

  18. Monica: I need to work on an "inspiration board"- that's next on the list!

  19. loving the office posts and inspiration van! fabulous space.

  20. I love your paint color and how interesting everything is! :)

    I'm your newest follower!

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