Friday, April 2, 2010

Dollar Store Books Say You Have 1 Year Left to Live (& More Fun)

No matter where you live, the "Variety Store" (Dollar Store) brings great joy. Cups, Mops, Books, and Toys all for one set low price- who can resist? No frugal soul alive!
 Dollar Store Book Haul

Last night on a routine trip to pick up a mop two books called out to me. The Long Life Equation and Live/Work Working at Home, Living at Work. Amazing entertainment for $2.00! These are rare finds, our Dollar Stores don't typically have a good selection of books.

 A book full of gorgeous work spaces. Workaholics rejoice!

Live/Work Working at Home, Living at Work is eye porn. It has amazing, colorful photographs of home offices, particularly artist's eclectic and vibrant studio spaces. I'm a workaholic so the title alone appealed to me. I know it's supposed to describe Home Offices but I took it as, "I Work at Home and Live at Work"- because I literally do. At one point in time I had more groceries at my office than I did at home. (The price inside the cover for this book is $35.00!)

Red Fish, Blue Fish. Good Sex, Bad Sex. The Bad One will KILL you.

The Long Life Equation is perfect for the morbid soul. The book adds years to your life for good habits, and subtracts years for the bad ones (smoking, drugs, drinking). You can go through the book, do the math and determine you have only one year left alive if you've been really bad. Of course, an errant bus could write the final chapter of your life; but the book is still a fun, interactive reminder to live a healthy lifestyle.
 Locally brewed Bold City Brewery Beer is delicious!

Books, beers, making art, and parties. I'll certainly be living life Off The Wall this weekend. Only a few more hours until I leave the 9 to 5 upon the shelf, and hopefully make some time to enjoy these thrifty books.

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