Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jacksonville Art Walk Report. Art, Toys, & Stormtroopers

I had a blast hanging out in the Old Library during the Jacksonville Art Walk last night. It was interesting to gauge people's reactions to toys glued into shadowboxes, toy photography, and amazing retro paintings. We loved watching the excited onlookers as they named off all the recognizable characters. Here's a quick recap of the evening:

So glad I got this picture, it's nerd perfection!

 On the other side of the wall we have my friend Jim's gorgeous paintings!

 Ashley's amazing illustrations looked gorgeous displayed on a window
This wildlife photography at this stand was incredibly highly quality

And in front of the wildlife photography lay the biggest Siberian Husky I've ever seen. Then I learned it wasn't a Siberian Husky, it was a wolf! I've never had the privilege of petting a wolf before! He was docile and sweet and I wanted to take him home with me.

I can't wait to participate in another Art Walk, even if it drains your life force like a Mortal Kombat final move. I still have a few more pieces to finish up before the Poprocks and Pop Art Rock show this Saturday.

Even though the art is a labor of love, I can't wait to have a free weekend to visit my Favorite Florida City and finally take a break. I'm having withdrawals.


  1. That painting! Of Marge as Lenore! MUST. HAVE. The Raven is my all time favorite Simpsons Halloween story, I LOVE it!

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