Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Miraculous Work-Free Weekend

For the past six weekends I've been swamped. I was packing, unpacking, cleaning, planning, and working on art. This past weekend I was finally able to relax. Simply buying vegetables and soap was a cathartic and relaxing experience. It's been so long since I've been able to do anything but work!

I have to document the beauty and carefree fun of a weekend without work here on this blog because next weekend I have to get back to work; who knows when another relaxing weekend without work will return?

I finally made my way across town to get Boba tea and treats from my favorite Tea Shop. My friend Mike and I passed notes back and forth about the pretty girl sitting behind us like we were in high school.

That night I went to a Korean Karaoke bar with my friends Audrey and Jim and a few others. I never knew we had a Karaoke bar with rooms in town! I didn't expect the joint to be as fancy as it was. Very nice seating and disco balls in each room! I was so happy I sang "We are the World" by myself impersonating all of the different singers. I can't wait to return!

On Sunday I went to my favorite "thrifty city", St. Augustine (It's magic, just read this blog post) after working in the Community Garden.  We tried a new taco shop, their burritos were decent and I was equally enamored by the decor.

I love the paintings, glowing lanterns, and stimulation on every wall. I will return to try their tacos.

I finally satisfied my frozen yogurt craving and enjoyed plain yogurt with berries. Slightly healthy, right? Antioxidants! I'll keep justifying all the sugar this way.

Directly next to the frozen yogurt shop I admired a beautiful beach style garden. I love the shell planters overflowing with fragrant, healthy basil. Every element of this garden goes together so perfectly. The large, healthy rosemary bush looks appetizing!
It's been many months since I've bought clothing at retail price, but I finally indulged in a new dress. My date requested pictures and poses in it for the "occasion".The beautiful yarn flower I wear in my hair was purchased from Gayla's (of  You Grow Girl Fame) shop, Super Fantastico. It's intended for a jacket lapel and it's my favorite accessory.

I did squeeze in a bit of thrifty fun by making Japanese food at home instead of indulging in an expensive restaurant. I made Chirashi-Zushi (sushi rice with various toppings) with smoked salmon, sliced nori, cucumber, avocado, and shrimp. We had it with spicy Korean Shin Cups and iced oolong tea.

We made the affair extra nerdy by enjoying it all with extremely bad Japanese cartoons (Hentai, to be precise). It was actually unbearably bad, we couldn't finish watching it.

The weekend also gave me a few thrifty finds that I'll share in future posts. I'm still high on all of the beauty and fun that took place, it's been so long since I've had a true day off that I forgot what it was like.


  1. beautiful photo of you girlfriend! And your post made me beyond hungry. Especially the sushi bowls and it's only 10am. off to the kitchen.

  2. It's so lovely to have time to relax, although because making art is not my job I don't see it as work and thus find it relaxing!
    You look so lovely in your dress, the red flower really suits you. Can't wait to see more of your thrifty finds!

  3. Thanks for the compliments! I would STILL be relaxed by art if it was a full time job and not a part time job with tight deadlines. D'oh...

  4. Why for you call me your date? That was the longest date I've ever been on.It was the best weekend I have had in a long time. I hope you enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed yours.


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