Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Thrifty Apartment Garden Progress

My front and back stoops host fledgling container gardens. I'm struggling to keep my plant collection small for ease of maintenance, but I know the amount of containers will increase as the months go by.

 This is the side of my apartment. 

The retro frog piece cast off from my friend Ruth's mom. The dinosaurs are all from flea markets and thrift stores. I love placing dinosaur toys in pots, it gives them a fun diorama effect.

Bell pepper, tomatoes, mint, basil, & a marigold for color
I have parsley and basil which are essential for the simple Italian dishes I make. The big pot with a tomato cage within is awaiting its Black Seaman transplant. The two pots with small green stakes contain bell pepper transplants.

 Door on the right is my apartment's "side door", it goes to my kitchen. 

Tonight I'm going to place sunflower seeds along the side of the apartment and grow a few herbs and flowers from seed. With all my other responsibilities and memories of last year's crippling gardening failure (oh, those damn torrential floods) I'm keeping my gardens very simple this year!

 My garden at the front door fresh after watering. Parsley, Stevia, Cosmos and a Marigold


  1. I love it! I adore container gardens.

  2. I love that your garden has some uniqueness to it. Move over boring trolls, here comes the dinosaurs.

  3. I love the flexibility of container gardens, there's no moving plants around once they're in the ground! I can't wait to harvest tomatoes & bell peppers on my doorstep.

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