Monday, April 12, 2010

Jacksonville Retro Art Show Recap

Retro music, games, and fun combined to make a giant crime fighting Art Show robot at our Poprocks & Pop Art Rocks Art Show this weekend! Here's a few pictures to commemorate the fun:
The view from the outside.

 A thrifted Power Rangers Megazord is guardian of the candy! He's one of my prized possessions.
 Go Go Retro Toys Power, Activate!
 Ashley and James' gorgeous illustrations, retro galore!

 My deranged toy fun, I'm so sorry children of the world!

We still have plenty of artwork (and enough candy to give violent sugar seizures to the masses) so we're taking the retro art show on the road. If you missed the first showing, be prepared to see us again in a Jacksonville venue in the coming weeks. We had an amazing time, and I'm excited to produce more pieces for future shows. I already have a series of Mario paintings in the works!

My friend Audrey interviewed Ashely, James, and me for Urban Jacksonville. Check out the interview: Pop Rocks and Pop Art Rock


  1. Did you sell many pieces? I have really enjoyed seeing the photos of the art show. And even though I'm pretty healthy, one thing I still love to buy is Fun Dip. Yum. Loved seeing that on your table.

  2. Between this show and Art Walk I sold five things- covers the expenses and gave me a tiny bit to invest in art from the other artists! Jim & Ashley did even better! I resisted the Fun Dip but the pop rocks and Capri Suns were irresistible...

    Yum. Sugar. Can't wait to take this Sugar Show on the road.

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