Monday, April 19, 2010

Garden Masochist: Is the Torture Worth it?

No glamor, no flowers, but also no apologies. This is the real thing. This is our Community Garden. (Website).

The humidity is a damp, heavy, itchy wool sweater on your back. You are knee-deep in mud, your lungs are on fire as you attempt to haul a heaping bag of soil across the garden. In these moments of agony you ask:

 “Why do I do this to myself? On top of all my responsibilities in this modern world and my full work day, why am I torturing myself in this garden?

Our field of dreams offers unlimited potential; and hard work!

Gardening isn’t happy-hippie-sunshine-rainbows; it’s not a romp in a field of daffodils. Gardening is hairy, sticky, prickly, bloody, and sweaty. In this modern world with all of our responsibilities will power wavers. You don't want to garden. You ask yourself, “Will this garden be worth it?


Stunning cabbage maintained by our Community Garden president, Tom Dumas.

This weekend I finally had time to work in our Community Garden. I met people my age that are passionate about agriculture, eating healthfully, and creating a real sense of community in a city that lacks it. When I met these people and felt their blind young optimism I was revived.

Austin (24, Yellow Shirt) and Nic (18, Grey Shirt) inspired me. Austin recently had an epiphany. He decided to eat healthily and  lost 40lbs in two months eating raw, organic vegetables. They both have bright optimistic hope for our garden.

Our plants are thriving. The garden slowly grows, teaching us all important lessons about sacrifice and patience. Many of our goals and dreams are coming into fruition.

I’m reaffirmed; there are no more doubts. For me, gardening is worth the masochistic torture and sacrifices.

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