Monday, April 5, 2010

A Mad Tea Party Housewarming

I decided my first party at my new home would have to be a  "Mad Tea Party", a "costumes required" housewarming get-together with copious amounts of tea.

Thai Tea in abundance at the Mad Tea Party

This weekend the party was launched. Tea was served and costumes included a Mad Hatter, Two Alices, a Harjuku girl and a Red Queen. I wore my Hugh Hefner smoking robe and played host. The ultra-sweet Thai Tea with cream was a favorite!

Bernadyn is an amazing Baker/Artist! Thank you for the tasty tarts!

My friend Bernadyn surprised me with strawberry tarts made from scratch. Look at the amazing Alice in Wonderland details!

The "Eat Me" box was filled with mini cakes. I also served Mini Cubans with Fried Chicken

She also made the fun Alice in Wonderland cake and an "Eat Me" box full of mini coconut cakes. My fridge is full of sugary treats and I'm a little scared to go home with a fridge filled with sweet temptations.

A new favorite Tea Cup, Thank you Chris, April & Joy!

I received an adorable vintage cup from my "Dr. Sketchy's" friends, I can't stop staring at it, it's the exact kind of Asian graphic design I'm powerless to resist.

My friend Mike helped me brighten up my new home with a bouquet of Sunflowers, they are gorgeous amid my colorful posters and toys.

 Someone bought Hookah! I don't smoke- but it smelled nice!

I was incredibly grateful to fill my little apartment to maximum capacity with friends, watch my friends share a hookah (had to disable the smoke alarm soon after!), and gather with them in the living room to watch my favorite nerdy movies. I can't wait to host Craft Nights and more even more silly tea parties in the future.

 I'll dream up funner set-ups and themes in the future! 

Fun group shot, though some of the guests hid from the camera!


  1. I wished that I could have come. I nearly threw a similar party for the movie release but I just couldn't get my act together. The food in these photos look beyond delicious.

  2. I wish you could have come, too! I hosted the party one week after as a way to force myself to unpack quickly. It worked!

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