Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun Kitsch Photography Prints

These three fun photo cards were picked up this weekend at Materialistic, inc- a colorful kitsch boutique in St. Augustine, Florida.

After I bought these I realized that I gravitate towards and create photography that revolves around humor. The photos I take for this blog and for work are more editorial, but the photography I make for sale is color saturated resplendent nonsense. These photography examples raise the bar for me, I'm up for the challenge of staging more elaborate photographs in the near future.

T.V. Dinner II
Copyright 1999 Andrew Young

Dorm Diet
Copyright 2008 David Zaitz

Crazy Classroom
Copyright Donna Day/Big Cheese

Some photography tells a story, some photography makes you think. Right now I want to focus on the colorful ones that make you laugh. Who doesn't need a laugh these days?

The Thriftcore Redesign and Plans:

I've had loft goals for this blog from the start. But between the branding and marketing I do for other corporations and blogs this one turned into a place for informal writing and ranting. Behind the scenes, I'm slowly building this blog into what I originally intended. I thought I'd reflect this with a fresh new layout. Expect more changes, tutorials, and more in the near future.

Also, I finally made time to update my Marketing Projects List on my Writing Portfolio. This blog is included on the list.


  1. I love your new banner, especially the back wallpaper. And let me tell you, this has to be one of the coolest sentences ever: color saturated resplendent nonsense. I love it. Can't wait to see the changes Van.

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