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The 90s is Now Vintage: How Do You Feel? (Old?)

[Photos are of my friend Kira's 90s-tastic Guest Bedroom in Philly

Some people feel offended that the 1990s are now considered vintage. They don't like the 90s being coined as retro; but I don't share that sentiment. I very much feel like we're in a different era. I miss the 90s, but at least the thrift stores have plenty of its clothing and other tacky fun to collect or resell.

Here's what my fellow thrifters on Twitter have to say about the "90s" being officially retro-cool enough to use as keywords for reselling:

ChicModern I guess you can consider 90s clothing vintage
thevintagecabin yea, i'd say it's vintage. if it's trendy then sell it! docs/grunge is all back so... for decor, that is another story tho.

FHCShopping Pah, it ain't vintage, but if people want to buy it, label away! I still have things in my wardrobe from university (just)

Tudorks Do we say "retro" or "vintage"? 90s are back. Bust out the mini backpacks!

alamodern I sorta do,but if means I can sell all my college crap as vintage... =) RT @thriftcore: .. 90s considered "vintage": who disagrees? 

Thrifting4Good Can't think of a thing that makes me think of the 90s (in terms of vintage) but I suppose it is.

vintagedamage   for me: Is the item strongly of-its-time and does it represent how we view the era?

sputnikmoss 90s belted high waisted GAP jeans with a bodysuit, not that I have any actual photos or anything!

SllabStudios I actually still wear Chucks. They saw heavy rotation w/ Doc Martin boots in the early 90s. cc: @Thrifting4Good @thriftcore

alamodern Flannel shirt,jeans,old ratty Vans=90s outfit

fennarama Retro for anything that is less than 20 years old. Vintage for 20 years old and older.

FHCShopping Ugh, who wants to emphasise back flab with a teeny weeny rucksack? You know how gammon is tied up with string?

Thank you everyone for participating with enthusiasm! (I love the retro college/high school photos we shared, anyone brave enough to share those in the comments, too?) Who's had success reselling 90s clothes? How about decor? (Although that gaudy plastic crap is likely filling landfills and guest bedrooms for the most part!) 

Also, what are your 90s favorites? Here's mine:

Movie: Anything Batman! (Since Michael Jackson Moonwalker and Transformers The Movie are 80s) 

Cartoon: Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, though "Batman the Animated Series" was amazing for many reasons. The 90s is the Cartoon Renaissance!

Music: Michael and Janet Jackson, Prince

Video Games: Sonic the Hedgehog, Resident Evil 1 & 2, Parasite Eve 

Fashion: Neon-colored things

Activities: Science/Astronomy Clubs, watching cartoons, drawing, writing, playing "teacher" (never "doctor"!), bouncing off the walls like a gnat on crack.

Tell me about your 90s favorites and your 90s reselling successes!
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  1. I'm going to have to think about this...maybe write a post...because I can't remember which parts of my childhood are 80s and which are 90s. Actually, my "childhood" is all 80s and then high school is 90s. But still, this would make a fun post.

  2. I'm still a die hard Hole fan. I've got about 100 original Hole CDs, all different titles - probably my largest collection.

    My most successful resellers from the '90s is music memorabilia. A Marilyn Manson shirt I bought on markdown for $7 sold for $232.50 & a Kittie CD I bought for $6.99 sold for $160.

  3. Michael Jackson is all 80s for me! The mainstream 90s were all about Nirvana, Pearl Jam (eww), grunge stuff, plaid, ripped jeans, bleached grown out hair, etc. If you asked me what the 90s looked like in the decor world though, I would have no clue. Nothing stands out for me as it was one of the first eras I think that borrowed heavily from others. Even when I think of 80s decor I can see some of the classic color schemes, etc but the 90s? Nada.

  4. Fenn: Born in '86, my earliest childhood memories are pretty much from the 90s. The 80s-90s we amazing times to be a kid...

    Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Woah, I'm in awe of the dedication of those fans to sell out so much for 90s CDs and shirts, great job!

    The Vintage Cabin: I should have mentioned, when I could bear to remove my MJ, Prince, and Janet cassette tapes from the player I'd listen to lots of Salt 'N Peppa and Milli Vanilli! Ha, no shame!

  5. i was too busy trying to and having babies in the 90s to remember most of it. i do remember getting a Susan Aglukark CD and a Rankin Family CD for university graduation in 95 (both Canadian folk/pop artists.) i loved "Titanic" and "Mrs. Doubtfire" - and of course, the beginning of the Star Wars prequels. but it's odd, i have a hard time defining the 90s in terms of clothing or colour schemes or decor or anything like that. isn't that odd? is it because i'm too close to it? it doesn't feel distinct to me like the 60s, 70s or 80s do. i feel like we're not far enough away from it yet -what would "that 90s show" even look like?

  6. I don't even know if I have anything left from the 90s, it's really a blur cause I loved the 80s so much :) Great survey on the 90s

  7. I've been watching 'My So-called Life" on instant Netflix- it is the definition of the 90s. The clothes, the music- it really captures the era.

  8. Angelika: The 90s has a distinctive look and feel for many of us kids who're nostalgic about it.

    Alyssa: Thanks for the suggestion! Speaking of which, "A Goofy Movie" is a pretty hilarious portrait of all things carefree and 90s to me...

  9. I feel super old :/ haha but I dont look old :D

  10. I was a nineties baby. I totally consider it another era. I miss all my old TV shows.

    I think nowadays 20 years is the border for vintage. since we're in the 2010's the 1990s are now vintage. I'm happy with it: I just got a late 80s early 90s vintage coach bag from a thrift store for $15 :)

  11. Oh my - I've been spying items from the 90s creeping into fashion. But I would say it's definitely 'retro' not 'vintage' - but aren't those phrases becoming interchangeable now?

  12. Kylie: I can't say I collect or decorate my house in 90s either, ha! The only 90s stuff I have is stuff I've held on to FROM the 90s...

    Harper: Scary that the 90s was that long ago, say it ain't so!

    Polly: According to my friend, "Retro for anything that is less than 20 years old. Vintage for 20 years old and older."

  13. I'd love to shop at those night markets! Taiwan sounds like a night owl's dream city.


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