Monday, April 11, 2011

Thrift Haul: Spanish-Style Mother's Day Hunting

I did a little casual yard sale hunting and happened upon the perfect gifts for mom, these coincide with all of her collections.

This cute green Mexican donkey looks a lot like a vintage brown one my mom loves. The base has her second favorite thing to collect, chickens. I may fill the base of this with a plant.

Tiny plates! These have hooks on the back so you can hang them on the wall. I took a picture of my cheap-ass cell phone so you can compare the size.

This tiny set is from Spain. My favorite element is the little ash tray! This is so unique, I've never seen anything quite like it. I tried to leave it behind but paid a buck for it instead.

Then at the same yard sale, these cute tiny mini pitchers! My mom has a huge collection (in the normal large size) of these from Italy. I've always loved them.

Speaking of yard sales, I have to show you what I saw right across the street from the one I went to this weekend:
Look at this little dog! I love how he's just chilling out at the table so casually. I asked the girls about him. They said their mom is selling him for $200 and that he's "spoiled rotten". Another yard sale hunter had to snap and picture too, it's a cute scene! Too bad I wouldn't take him with me!

 You know you want this little dog hanging out on your lap as you read this!

I also encountered this beautiful painted sign. I had to pull over and take a picture. I love the font style here, the complimentary color scheme of orange/blue that makes it pop and how the jaunty flags go so well with it.

I hope mom won't mind if I take just one little Italian chicken pitcher...or a perhaps a plate. I have a fetish for miniatures...
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  1. hi van, how cute are those teeny tiny plates and dishes? (and i think you've heard about my cell phone... yours is high-tech fancy in comparison! ;))

  2. I love our old dinosaur phones! I work on the web all day, so I like to stay disconnected from it when I'm out and about on the weekend....and I just really like using a nice big PC for web browsing.

  3. That dog is adorable! The tiny set from Spain sure is something, it looks like it should be for a cute doll house.

  4. I love those miniatures, I have a very hard time passing anything tiny by. Seems I now have a mini tea set collection I never planned on collecting, but they are just so darn cute! Lucky Mom!

  5. Nice Mother's Day presents. My mom collects chickens too. She even has some real ones! I can't believe those people would sell their little doggie! He looks like a member of the family. What a shame. He has such a cool smile :-)

  6. I thrift all of my mom's presents too--usually vintage sewing notions and salt & pepper shakers. Love the miniature items, I collect miniature ceramics too but the ones you found have an international flair!

  7. Miss Lou: I almost want to make a cute mini house just for it to sit in!

    Victoria: Same here, miniatures are adorable.

    Leilani: Our thrifty moms love thrifted gifts way better than any we could find at the store!

  8. Amber: Indeed he does, I like those spots, too!

  9. How could someone want to sell a cute little dog like that?

  10. So sweet the tiny plates. You've reminded me I have a miniature dresser with small plates somewhere, might just dig them out. Surely they weren't really selling their wee dog!

  11. It is rare to find miniatures like that around here. Tiny and cute. Sometimes you have to say to yourself "Mom is worth spending a dollar on." (I sometimes have to remind my family as well.)
    Not my style of dog, but looks like he has personality to make up for his lack of body.
    Mine like to chill at the table too.

  12. I'm really regretting not walking closer and petting that cool animal now. Give him sunglasses and he's a 90s "terrible dog movie" mascot.

  13. Very cool finds! I like that tiny teaset, I don't think I've ever seen one that small before. Nice score with the mini pitchers too, I didn't know they made them that small - looks very similar to the Deruta ones.


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