Friday, April 1, 2011

Thrift Core Storytime: Sectaurs Warriors of Symbion

It's the perfect day for Thrift Core Storytime, a new series where I share tales of the amusing and kitschy persuasion. Come hither, my friend, let's read Mission of Friendship together. This Sectaurs : Warriors of Symbion book was thrifted in my childhood. I've been reading it since I was 4 years old!

For Extra Fun: Let's play a game of count the Freudianisms. How many can you see?! 

Happy April Fools Day!
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  1. I love Sectaurs!Its like He-Man except with bugs!
    And Dargon is really just Optimis Prime!

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  2. I wish I could find the toys.
    The show is priceless.

  3. It certainly is priceless. I loved those toys. I NEVER encounter my favorite toys from the 80s while thrifting!

  4. omg. I just nearly fell out of my chair! WHERE'S MY MANWICH?! Happy April Fool's Day to you too, Van!

  5. This is hilarious!! :) "Taste my eye juice" Lol
    I don't always have luck with the 80's toys either, I'm still on the hunt for a Popple! But just last week I found some hardcover Fraggle Rock books for 60 cents each and an original hardcover Indiana Jones storybook. :)

  6. Just so you know, your 'Thrifty Pledge" button on the right has an extra H in the http:// so it doesn't open properly when you click it.


  7. Sir Thrift-A-Lot: And it's fixed! Thank you so much for pointing it out for me :)

  8. Flo: Glad you liked that gag, I laughed my ass off conceiving of it :)

  9. Jacqueline: Oddly enough, a hardcover fraggle rock book is the only 80s memorabilia I can recall finding as well...

  10. oh fraggle rock! <3
    you are a total nut, van. i hope you had a great april 1st. i got through unscathed! whew.... *cue midnight*

  11. Hilarious! I haven't thought about Secktaurs in ages... I actually had some of the toys :D

  12. Van, I bet you'll start to find 80's toys soon. I, like so many mom's my age, have a ton of our kids toys packed away. As we downsize we won't have room to keep these and our kids my not have an interest in keeping them . So keep an eye out.....maybe I'll pull out a few of the boxes and list them on my site. I never thought about people looking for the 80's toys.....

  13. edbot5000: I LOVED the the big spiders you could put your hands inside of. Kind of creepy. Kind of creepy to describe...but they were fun!

  14. Jolene: Definitely try to sell them, they're a hot collector's item. Even old He-man and Rainbow bright lunch boxes sell extremely well. Man, I miss our Skeletor castle...

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