Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Artist Interview: Edbot5000 and His Retro Robot Nintendo Art

Edbot5000 (Edmund Dansart) is another artist that specializes in the wacky animated style I can't get enough of. We share simular influences: comic books, cartoons, anime, manga, retro junk, robots, and video games.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, Ed: Here's my obligatory art statement: Robots of all forms have always fascinated me. From vintage sci-fi toys to large industrial machinery, they always seem to be the subject of drawings and paintings. Growing up reading comics and watching Japanese kaiju movies certainly planted seeds at an early age. The "edbot5000" moniker I have adapted is my homage to the space toys of the 50's and 60's. I also like walks on the beach, retro gaming, hugs, kung-fu movies and pro wrestling.

1. One clear influence over your art is Nintendo era video games. What's your #1 favorite Nintendo video game? How about an all-time favorite video game, too?

Wow... #1 favorite? That's tough! Can I do a top 3? (haha) It's too tough to pick 1. Let's see in no particular order: River City Ransom, Ninja Gaiden, Mega Man. All time fave would probably be the arcade Double Dragon. That's tough too!

2. If you had to list one comic book/manga that has inspired your style the most, which would it be? 

Another tough one! I would have to say Battle Angel Alita is my all time fave.

Watch Ed Dansart and Nick Dunkenstein’s masterpiece come to life in this time-lapse documentary about inspiration, art and robots. The documentary was shot over the course of 49 days in the lobby of 5ivecanons, the ballers of advertising.

3. What's your favorite animated movie?

There is so much good stuff out there...I'd say anything by Hayao Miyazaki . His films are absolute magic.

4. Who is your favorite animator? 

This one's a bit easier. John K. hands down. In my opinion he is the most influential animator of the last 20 years. His style has influenced so many cartoons in the 90's to current cartoons.

5. What medium do you specialize in? 

Specialize is a strong word :D ! I don't know about specialize, but I use acrylic and I do digital work as well.

6. Can you describe your art process for us? 

It depends. A lot of the time I just sit down to a blank canvas or piece of paper and see what happens. There are pieces I actually do sketches and plan out with a little more forethought. Most of the time it's like: "Hmmm... I feel like drawing a cute girl with a mace for a hand." 

7. What about the thrift stores and thrifting inspires your art the most? 

I love the crazy art pieces you can find. From old paintings to attempts at painting, stitchwork, old toys etc. Retro kids books have really cool drawings as well. I am planning to collect little paintings and incorporating my art into it.

8. If you had to pick a favorite type of toy, which would it be? (Personally, I don't know if I can choose between robots and dinosaurs.) 

I absolutely love old space toys from the 50's-60's! The boxy robots that don't make any sense. Definitely on the lookout for those at thrift stores!

9. What are your favorite colors to use in your art, and why? I see a lot of bright reds/pinks in your paintings, it gives your work an unique look and makes it stand out.

I am a big fan of folk art and the bright colors that style uses. I am really liking the bright reds and pinks for backgrounds with a cool color figure in the foreground. I think it pops along with the big black lines. Although I think I am going in a more painterly direction this year.

10. What are your future art plans, what direction do you see yourself moving in? 

Doing more prints and getting an e-commerce site are the current goals. The initial print run did very well at ArtWalk. I have a couple shows lined up the next few months I need to work on. I also want to expand into comics and apparel. Toys would be killer too. Lots of things I want to do, just trying to figure out how to get there.

How to Find Edbot 5000: You can check out his Sketch Blog, or listen to him on Mesh Radio. Follow him on twitter, @edbot5000. He sells his affordable art prints ($5 each!) at Jacksonville's Downtown Art Walk. (I'm now the proud owner of three, his "Mega Girls" based on my favorite Nintendo game Megaman 2 is a favorite!)
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  1. Wow! You own three of these pieces? *jealous* Such cool and vibrant art! I dig the subject matter, but the colors kill me (in that happy-to-die sort of way). Great interview, Van! Way to support local art too =D

  2. Flo: I own three art prints and love them! I love supporting local art :)


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