Monday, April 25, 2011

Thrift Haul: Beautiful Boat and Vegas Swag

I'm back! Did you miss my inane weekday ramblings? My trips to Vegas and Philly were amazing, and I'm ready to write and thrift with a vengeance after my brief hiatus.

The boat above was found at a cluttered and messy yard sale two weekends ago. The homeowner noticed me admiring boats outside and invited me in to select from her personal vintage boat collection! The shape of this big one really appealed to me, so I snagged it for $10. It took a long soak to get it clean but it was worth it.

I also bought this awesome shadowbox display shelf and the books below for about $3 from the same yard sale! I was excited because I never find the shadowbox shelves for a low price.

I really tried to squeeze in some Vegas and Philly thrifting, but with all the chaos going on it just didn't happen. Instead I picked up some souvenirs for friends from both cities. The mini realistic food key chains are from Philly's Chinatown, I love them. I'm a sucker for mini-food-anything. These are so tiny and realistic- my favorite one is the Pho soup. I kept one and gave the rest to my friends, but I kind of wanted to keep them all...

I also thought you'd like to admire this Vegas coin bank I scooped up as my sole souvenir. The sign was Mid Century Modern and goes with my home's fun animated aesthetic.

Vegas did provide me with some thrifty fun though: in the form of the smut books people hand out in excess on every street corner. I picked up some for all of my friends to "enjoy"! (Vegas gag gifts for free!)

I love how they promise delivery in 20 minutes or less, just like pizza! I gave these to my friends in ubiquitous brown bags and enjoyed their reactions! These are like the pokémon cards of smut, gotta catch 'em all!

I do believe I'll have to share some more Vegas fun later. I really felt at home in Sin City, it's odd how comforting the environment was for me. It's the perfect place for an adventurous night owl and her camera! I'll definitely go back one day...
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  1. Those shadow box shelves are AMAZING. I really need something like that for all the tiny vintage bric a brac I keep collecting.

  2. Love your mini food souvenirs, they look delicious. I never thought to keep the smut cards as a collectors item, what a great idea and to funny! Thanks for sharing and you probably walked your feet off in Vegas, so much to see and so many miles of it.

  3. i agree, those shadow boxes truly are amazing. and i LOVE that ship! i also love your string art ship - so i'm twice over jealous.

  4. I have never been to Vegas but now you have me thinking about other things that get handed to you on the street in big cities. Of course your cards sounded like a blast just in recipient reactions.
    I love your bookshelf beneath the shadow box.
    You must have covered a lot of ground in a short time. Now you need to rest up.

  5. I love Las Vegas too. I can get hours of enjoyment just wandering around looking at everything.
    And that shadow box is awesome!

  6. Grace: They definitely come in handy. I never run out of finds to fill them with!

    Victoria: A lot of people questioned if the mini food was real, I can't wait to find more of those! My friend and I walked pretty much the whole strip and I didn't get tired of it!

  7. angelika: Thank you! I feel grateful to have found two perfect boat pieces!

    dogsmom: Rest up? No way, now I'm revitalized and full of energy to work and play. Even though I walked so much that I broke one of my shoes...

    monogirl: Same here, for the most part all I did was walk around and take in all the details/absorb the energy of the night like a sponge.

  8. loooooooving the food key chains Im a fool for mini stuff too! Where was your last pic taken?

  9. Miss Lou: The last photos is somewhere in Vegas, in front of one of the many hotels or something like that :)

    I seriously wish I would have picked up more of the cute food keychains! Next time I'm in Philly I'll spend the whole day in China Town.

  10. Yay, cool! Love your boat. :) I have found about 4 of them so far in my travels and you can actually get them in about 3 different sizes - one of them is about 4' x 4'! Love your smut book souvenirs as well. ;)

  11. Glad you and Kira had a fun time in Vegas and Philly! Next time you find yourself in the area, tell Kira to give me a call. Thriftin' and eatin' Philly junk food is my specialty, lol.

  12. Oh shoot, I was looking forward to your Vegas/Philly thrifting tips! Sounds like you had a fun time on your vacation anyways and it was probably good to have a break from vintage anyways.

    Love your boat, is it brass/metal or wood? I have a Nautical themed bathroom so am jealous of the sale you stopped at!

  13. Love the mini food keychains, the shadow box shelves... and most definately the wooden oriental dolls... I have wanted to collect those for so long!! I have only found one so far. :( lol
    Glad to hear you had a good trip! Vegas is only an hour or two away from me... haha

  14. Jackie: I cannot WAIT for Philly junk food eating and thrifting! I'll burn off the calories by exploring your amazing downtown area...oh, nevermind, I'll eat more junk there, too :) I think I'll be back in the fall.

  15. Thriftaholic: I'd love to see your nautical bedroom!

    Passionate Thrifter/Thriftaholic: I was looking forward to Vegas thrifting, but in the 4 days I was there we couldn't leave that enchanting glittering strip, even to see the grand canyon! ha! Another time...

  16. -- For anyone interested in the boat I found, you can buy the same one in the vintage cabin shop for only $9 bucks more than I paid at the yard sale:

    The material is plastic. It looks like real brass, though.

  17. that boat! i know that boat from somewhere! i'm 99.8% sure i've seen it somewhere. where? my in-laws? somewhere! i will keep my eyes out for it and let you know the story of it if there is one!

    so glad you had such a great time van. thanks for sharing your little little finds! fun food stuff. (i love pho!)


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