Thursday, April 7, 2011

Art Walk Interview: Animated Thrift Fun with Old Skool Junk

I was immediately drawn to Rosaly Natera and Richard Smith's art collaboration Old Skool Junk the first time I saw it last year. Their booth at Jacksonville's Downtown Art Walk features a little of everything, vintage jewelry, hand-crafted necklaces, whimsical paintings, unique wood burnings, and affordable art prints.

The overall color palate is appealing, bright yet slightly muted, reminding me of a slightly faded yet still vibrant 60s dress. A necklace I bought from them is one of my favorites.

We have the same inspirations: vintage scores, thrifting, 90s cartoons, nicktoons, Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, and expressionist art qualities. They took a little time out with me during Art Walk last night to answer a couple of questions about thrifting and their inspirations.

Do you go thrifting for your art supplies?

I do. I go to the thrift stores for vintage finds and for components, I take pieces apart to make something new. I also get inspiration from different dresses and color combinations.  

What are your biggest artistic inspirations?

Colors in general. I'm always looking at colors wherever I can find them, like in vintage books. Also, cartoons. I grew up with Ren & Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life- all the colors are what inspire my wood burning pieces.

I like the whimsy, and how it was kind of crude. I like how they didn't use straight lines, it was very creative. You don't find colors like that anymore. 

Who is your top favorite artist?

John K! (Van's Note: He animated a cartoon you might have heard of, Ren & Stimpy. Check out his Amazing Animation Blog.)

What's your favorite place to thrift?

"The Salv!" [Salvation Army] Wednesday is half-off day, I could spend five hours in there. I love my knick knacks!
[My two prints from Old School Junk, beautiful watercolor vignettes of toys and fun junk]

These eclectic prints are clearly a combination of childhood favorites and beautiful thrifted finds from the past. I love the vivid colors in these watercolor prints, and the skill used is formidable! These look like photographs!

You can check out the Old School Junk collaboration at art walk; Hemming Plaza in Jacksonville the first Wednesday of every month.
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  1. awesome post! thanks! (cool pics too)

  2. Neat! They had me at Ren & Stimpy :)
    Especially loving the watercolor vingette with the owl- it really does look like a photo!

  3. Alyssa: This duo has serious skills!

  4. Marcia: I knew you'd love this, fellow artist :)

  5. Love the pics Vanessa! Thanks for the write up ;) I linked your page to my facebook.

  6. Oh this makes me want to visit Jacksonville. I love those prints you bought...they have a really great vintage color scheme.

  7. I love the use of the vintage tote bag to display her wares... that loud floral pattern totally reminds me of something my mom had in the 80s!

  8. Six Balloons: I LOVED that set of vintage suitcases two, they were three of them. I have the same print in the medium size, but mine is warmer toned.

    Very good idea for setting up art, you can stash your wares in them when you're done!

  9. Jackie: They do have some of their selection available on Etsy:

    I agree, excellent colors in the watercolor artwork!

  10. Oh WOW! That's like thrift heaven


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