Friday, April 29, 2011

You Need an Adventure: The Vegas and Philly Recap

My Philadelphia and Vegas adventure was so necessary. This was my first week off from work in three years. I was run down not merely from overwork, but the bizarre betrayal incident I alluded to in my Risk post. I left Jacksonville broken-hearted, anxious, and tired. I returned revitalized.

I didn't do anything special. No shows, gambling or events. Instead I walked and walked, took pictures, and slowly absorbed the fresh environment. When I returned I finally felt like my old self again: social, fun-seeking, and adventurous.

I was only in Philadelphia for one day to meet up with my buddy Kira, her sister Stosha took me around downtown Philadelphia where I peeked at historical monuments. The highlight was their Chinatown, I wish we had one here in Jacksonville!

 [Glued to the hotel window, I watched the scene outside transform]

Tuesday night Kira and I arrived in Vegas (We had a Boondocks and Transformers marathon on the 5 hour flight there, it was lovely)! Glued to the 30th floor hotel window, I watched the Vegas scene transform from daytime to the glittering night view.

 [Snuck into the pool. Watched people on Cops. Watched people pass out.]

The rest of the days were spent exploring every crevice possible, basically walking the entire strip from one end to the other. I wanted to leave the strip to go thrifting, but we never found a chance before my four days in Vegas were up. The environment was addictive, and strangely homey for me.

Highlights of my Vegas/Philly Trip: 

  • Philadelphia's China Town 
  • Introducing Kira to "Transformers the Movie" (1986) and "The Boondocks" 
  • Walking, walking, walking the night and day away
  • Sneaking into the Ceaser's Palace pool, subsequently being escorted out of the casino by security
  • Dubbing the specter the kept causing Kira and I to lose our paperwork "Luigi"
  • Tipsy conversations with people from all around the world
  • Magically surviving the trip without losing anything vital or breaking my camera
  • Watching the Vegas view gradually shift from day to night, growing more splendid every second

I'm glad to be back in the mood for solitary adventuring around my deliciously tacky Florida home. I hope you won't mind when I share bits of my adventures here on the blog, of course I'll stop at our numerous thrift and junking stops along the way!

Make sure you go on an adventure this weekend, too!
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  1. Las Vegas is such a fun town! So much to see. never been to Philadelphia, maybe some day. This weekend we are going back down to Sacramento, Calif. for a birthday party. I think the little sleepy, farm town of Sacramento is coming into it's own, even though it is the capital of Calif.

  2. Victoria: Have fun in Sacramento. I've got to get over to California one day...

  3. I love Vegas! I live pretty close and started going to Vegas when I was 17 (yes, I was a bad girl).

    I'm so glad you had a good time and got to recharge your batteries. I'm planning a trip out there this fall, can't wait for all the smut hand outs!

  4. i need to book a vacation of some sort. i'm long overdue.

    glad you had a great time. and love that snap of the little dolls through the necklace (?) chains. cute!

    have a great weekend, van!

  5. Flo: If Vegas was near me I'd have snuck to those glittering lights at 17, too :D I can't wait to go back, either.

    Ana: Get thee to a vacation, at least a one-day rest somewhere!

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