Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blogging Resources You MUST Read to be Successful

[My writing and blogging space at the day job...two years ago. Now I'm in a different room.]
I wrote my Top 5 Tips for Blogging Success post to answer questions I receive on successful blogging. The following resources are another way to take your blogging to the next level. Bookmark them and keep coming back to read more!

1)  Copyblogger: The premiere resource for online copywriting news, tips, tricks, and information.  

Must Read: Content Marketing 101. Their Headline Writing section can't be missed, either.

2) Problogger: A comprehensive site to help you make money from blogging.   

Must Read: 31 Days to a Better Blog

3) Penelope Trunk: Penelope Trunk's "controversial" blog is all abut the intersection of work and life, but her practical business tips can be applied to blogging.
Must Read: How to Blog an excellent and unconventional guide. I love it's brutal honesty.

4) Simple Dollar's "Building a Better Blog" A comprehensive and practical 31 part series (!!!) on starting a successful blog.  

5) Scoutie Girl: I just started reading this blog- but I love it so far. It's not a blogging resource, but it is a practical business resource for creatives.

Must Read: This blog fits right in with my niche, there's even a Thrifted Thoughts section! (Written by Lia, who owns the thrifty blog Mod Nest

Check out my business and blogging tips:

I'm writing a business tips series on Papernstitch. My focus is practical creative business tips, web marketing information, and blogging information. I hope you'll stop by to read them. Here's what's been published so far:

- The Secret Ingredient to Blogging Success: Passion

- 5 Ways to Use Twitter to Engage Your Community

Brittni is an excellent writer with valuable tips of her own to share. A recent post of hers I love is: 5 Tips for Working from Home and Getting Things Done, written for

Be Yourself: I haven't finished reading every single one of these resources, nor do I follow their rules like they're blogging bibles. These are essentials guides that will help you become a better blogger, but remember to stay true to yourself. Keep blogging, keep trying new things. You'll continue to develop techniques that work for you.
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  1. Thanks for the links!

  2. I posted a comment earlier but it didn't go here goes again: Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Van. I already read some random posts from each of these sources and can tell they will be a great guide. I like that none of them are dry and boring - they definitely have some spunk to them beyond the wealth of information they share. :)

  3. Awesome i've been in many of these sites, Tara's site is very inspirational :D

  4. Van - You are amazing! Thanks for sharing these great resources. My weekend just got booked up!

  5. Thanks for sharing these helpful resources! I've only just discovered your site and am loving it!

  6. Jackie: It's definitely a LOT to take in, but apply their tips and you WILL see an improvement in your blogging endeavors!

  7. Flo: It would take a weekend and more to read up all the essentials, there's so much to take in and then apply- I love it! Good luck absorbing the goodness!

    Angela: Thank you so much for the kind words, I appreciate that!

  8. Thanks for this info. I will start the New Year off reading and applying the tips and techniques. This is like having my own private tutor going to school!


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