Monday, January 4, 2016

My Top Favorite Blog Posts From 2015 + Most-Viewed Blog Posts From the Past Year

Looking back at the posts of 2015 and picking favorites made me realize how much I love sharing unique posts that teach. I want to keep going in that direction for 2016, while sharing earnest/simple lifestyle posts along the way! These are my favorite posts from the past year:

1. Aromatherapy 101: The Science of Essential Oils. Use Aromatherapy Like a Pro My favorite posts are informative ones requiring loads of research!  I'm going to keep sharing information learned from my detailed medical aromatherapy coursework.

2. My Kon Mari Journey: A Method to Organize Your Home Once- And Never Again + FAQ + Results: I HIGHLY recommend the KonMari method for EVERYONE. It is truly transformative for your home and thought process! My full home tour post 2nd run-through of the method is coming soon.

3. The Art of Sampuru: Contemplating Hyper Realistic Sample Food Displays in Japan Thinking deep on my favorite art style, pop art. And a lifelong love of kitschy fake food.

4. Orange Peel Powder DIY: A Healthy Multi-Purpose Spice in Two Easy Steps My favorite DIYS are stupid-easy ones using things you'd normally throw away. This powder is insanely nutritious, fragrant AND delicious. To think of all the peels I've simply tossed...

5. $2 Woodgrain Photography Backdrop DIY And my 2nd favorite DIYS are stupid-easy, stupid-cheap but very useful. I get a lot of use out of my cheap backdrops.

6. Reader Question: How to You Plan, Write, and Organize Blog Posts Methodically I love going through my writing process. Editing is my calling.

7. MODify: My $5.00 Thrifted and Upcycled Home Vegan Bulk and Apothecary Shelf Something simple I utilize daily. Was featured on, too, funny enough!

8. The Best Damn Dinosaur Soap You've Ever Seen! + Colorful Chakra Soaps I LOVE making our soaps and natural body care products. Can't wait to share our shop! We've got to produce, first!

9. Try This Exercise To Learn What You Truly Want to Do With Your Life. For Really.

10. My Herbalism School Experience: My learning and experimenting on this topic will be lifelong, but it was nice to finally share some of the crazy learning and research always going on behind-the-scenes.

11. My Top 22 Tools for Digital Making It was fun to wrangle these up.

12. Thunderbird Inn My friend Jill kindly took Amber and I to Savannah Georgia for the first time. Love the city, can't wait to go back.

13. Blogging From Inside the Confession: 6 Reasons Why I'm Crazy Honest on my Blog

14. Peek Inside the Groovy Land Home! Artist/Hippie family homes are always the coziest + Peek Inside Natasha's Cozy California Casa for good measure!

15. 6 Offbeat Tips on Full Time Blogging and And Getting Advertisers You Haven't Read

16. Vegan Popcorn Balls + Tea Blend Gift + Fall Lattes : I had fun photographing (and consuming) these! Tea blending is a huge passion of mine that'll pop up in future posts.

17. My Herb Allies: Herbs You Need to Try for Health and Taste Looking at stats and seeing this was one of the top-viewed posts for the year was a pleasant surprise!

* * * 

Neat Travels: Whole Living Teacher Workshop | | A Neighborhood Treasure | |Retro Florida Dream Camper | | Springfield Home Tour (excited to do that again this year)

Badass Biz Highlights: Published Writer Turned $3K/Month Online Reseller | | A Chat with Curating Cuteness | | 2 Artists. 2 Homes. 2 Cats. 1 Job. Husband + Wife Creative Team

Bonus Most-Viewed Posts of 2015:  Listed in order of Most-Viewed

(1) Guides for Organizing Your "Everything": Home, Schedule, Money, Cleaning, LIFE!
(2) Badass Biz: Vix's Kinky Melon Retro Boutique. Groovy Vintage Duds in the UK
(3) My Herb Allies: Herbs You Need to Try for Healing, Taste, Nutrition and Much More
(4) My Kon Mari Journey: A Method to Organize Your Home Once- And Never Again
(5) Master Gardener Seed Starting Tips: Save Money on Pricey Greens, Herbs, and Veggies. Grow Your Own.

* * * 
I'm inspired to cut the fat and continue with informative posts... and also just letting loose and sharing behind-the-scenes easy posts too for the sake of my sanity! Ha! :D Thank you for reading in 2015, and I'm happy you're here for 2016!

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  1. It's great to recap and see that you're heading in the right direction :) Looking forward to more informative posts!

  2. Thanks for reading along Chelsey! I'm always inspired to keep improving.

  3. What a clever idea for a post!! Recapping is awesome!

    1. These posts do surprisingly well. A lot of people miss key posts they would have read throughout the year :)

  4. What a huge collection of interesting posts! Oh yeah I met Vix via your blog, I'm now following her blog since then... love her attitude!!

    Happy new year dear van!


    1. I almost did a round-up of my movie reviews too. I hope it's not too eclectic! Trying to reign it in is hard. I love seeing Vix's hard work, passion for vintage and awesome attitude on her blog, too :) I want a collection of vintage clothes as nice as hers one day.

  5. what a great collection of posts.. the similarity between them as most of them are helping others. making us better. thank you

    1. I noticed that's what I like to share the most, I need to get back to making mostly "teaching" content :D

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