Friday, July 23, 2010

Bookshelf Doors to the Batcave, JUST LIKE BATMAN!

One time I wrote I learned to knit. I can do anything. I AM BATMAN. But I got busy and abandoned my knitting. And I'm sure I've forgotten how to knit all over again. (So I might not be BATMAN anymore) But I still need a thrifty way to resume my otherwordly Batman powers. I need my Batcave, my lair.

 I truly need this hidden room. And I will have it one day, I tell you, I will have it!

And in my lair will be my comics. Like The Dark Knight Returns where Batman is 55 with a serious case of black despondency because he's that god damn hardcore.

 A resplendent man cave. Note the masculine framed art, easily thrifted.

You know what's cool about Batman? When he wakes up he puts one foot on the ground and one foot up the ass of criminal scum. And he thinks the world would be better if you did the damn same. Wow. He's more brilliant than Sherlock Holmes and stronger than Hercules. Each part of his body is registered as a lethal weapon.

Get out of here, Boy Wonder. This is my "man-time" and you can't peek!

My lair will also have a box of crayons. A fresh new box with all 2,000 of the colors, and I'll use all of them. All. Of. Them. Maybe at once. Even those little neon bastards no one likes. Even if they all break at once. Why? Because that's what Batman DOES in his Bat Lair.

In all reality I have a rental so I can't have a magic bookshelf that slides open revealing my lair, but I CAN put a bookshelf in my inordinately long and seemingly unusable hallway. And then my hallway will be like my Batcave. And dammit, that's good enough for now.

And maybe, just maybe, these awesome bookshelf doors will inspire you to make your own Batcave too. Because everyone needs a little space that's just for them. Whether they fight crime and wear their underwears on the outside or not.

Image Credits: The amazing Apartment Therapy. Real content is coming soon, I promise! I needed a nonsense post.

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  1. i have always wanted a secret door that either leads somewhere else completely, or opens to a secret room. i want to climb thru that narnia wardrobe up there this very instant!

  2. I am with you! Go to the cave and tell no one where you are. Ahhh! Wouldn't that be perfect some days.

  3. Oh man that rocks. Where do I sign up?

  4. Here's wishing you Bat Caves and dreams forever!

  5. These are awesome! (I just need to figure out how to implement one without anyone in my family noticing!)


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