Friday, July 9, 2010

Thrifted Owl Artwork- To Paint or Not to Paint?

Yesterday I had a chance encounter with this beautiful print. Salvation Army's Half-off Thursdays made the prize mine for a mere $1.99.

Print Details:  The print is signed Richard Hinger. It's a drawing of a Great Horned Owl, a magnificent bird that can grow to be 25 inches long. Stare long enough into its piercing yellow eyes and the bird may steal your soul, which it feeds upon to maintain its mighty powers. 
I'm still researching the seemingly enigmatic artist, I found a Richard Hinger living in Sarasota, Florida but I can't be sure if it's the same artist. The print is not numbered.

The owls demanded prompt and proper display, so I went into my cave of horrors (Laundry Closet) and miraculously retrieved a frame and matt to accommodate them. Apparently, hoarding frames like a grotesque human pack rat does have it's pay-offs! (And I got the frame and mat for free!)

 As you can see the original frame for the lovely print wasn't going to cut it.

The print and frame were a perfect fit, but without a true "back" I used cheap-ass Dollar Store drafting tape to secure the cardboard back to the frame. A temporary solution..

And now the titular question: To paint or not to paint? In a way the gold frame suits the classic-style drawing, but a bright colored frame will make the print pop and give it more distinction. This print will be listed for sale online and the back will be properly finished, so presentation is important.

What do you think? To paint, or not to paint? If I paint I'm considering a warm mahogany or dark brown,  light yet earthy green, or solid black.

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  1. Paint it! Light yet earthy green.

  2. I agree! Paint it, I like the light green idea...
    Visiting from

  3. He he, thank you for your wonderful post...
    I am sure whatever you decide will look great!

  4. Definitely paint it, the gold is a bit nasty, I think the green sounds great!

  5. Good find! Could you tone the gold down with a bit of glazing? If it still isn't up to snuff, then paint. You will come up with something creative, I am sure!

  6. Pretty! I love owls. I vote for painting it.

  7. I say paint it too, needs to be modernized a bit. Green would be perfect imo. Can't wait to see :)

    new follower from tidymom, hope you have a good weekend!
    Come visit me if you get a sec.

  8. Awesome find!! I think an earthy green would add to the overall picture (no pun intended) hehe

    So blessed that I found you by doing the New Friend Friday hop.


  9. I agree - paint it!

    We had that same print hanging in my sorority house in college (our symbol was the owl). Don't know anything about the artist...but I've come across the print several times at thrift stores and antique malls...always makes me feel nostalgic. :)

  10. The green sounds good. I love it! I love owls...

  11. I'm going to be different and vote for white paint. I think it would really make the white chest feathers stand out.

  12. Kim- I did think of white paint too. I have to prime the frame anyway and if white looks good, white it will be! If not, a white photo matt for sure.

  13. Paint! Black?!? Hey thanks for visiting my blog! Hope the pizzas are yummy! :P

  14. I think whether or not you paint it would depend on your decor. If it were me, I would paint it a chocolate brown to pull out the browns in the print to match my brown living room.

    I like your blog! I added you to my blogroll - popped over from New Friend Fridays at The Girl Creative.

  15. Since you asked, I say, 'Paint it!' I love SA. We affectionately call it Salvation Armani ;o) Found you at New Friend Friday. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thrifting! :o)

  16. This print is by a company called home interiors. Women had house parties similar to tupper ware in the eighties. I know about a dozen people with the same print. It's pretty cool pic but I would paint the frame and jazz it up.

  17. I grew up with a picture identical to that hanging in my home. In fact, I think my mother may still have it hanging in her hallway.

  18. I also have the same owl picture by richard hinger.. its signed by richard hinger and the name of it is "the screeching owl" right next to his name...richard lives in california as far as i know and is still living


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