Thursday, July 1, 2010

Local Magazine Inspiration (The Big Red Riverside House Mystery Solved)

This weekend I found Stacks and Stacks of Magazines at a yard sale and paid about $3.00 for all of them. Local magazine, Jacksonville Magazine's Home featured a nearby home in Spring of 2007 that inspired my nerdy soul.

I'm practically neighbors with these guys, so they need to invite me over to play! Now, I say! I love neatly displayed collections like these, and while I can't imagine packing and storing all these treasures I admire the tenacity and dedication of hardcore collectors. I especially love how homeowner Robert Sage has his childhood superman cape (home made by mom, of course!) custom framed and hung in his office. It's his prized possession.

I love the cloying primary colors and how a clean, contemporary, traditional look is rescued from bland conformity with super hero posters on every wall. The bright Chinese Dragon motif goes well with the comics.  Enlarge the photo and you'll see his bathroom has a breathtaking undersea mural.You might be thinking, how does this guy afford this stuff? Swank pad, hundreds of toys and comics and those ain't cheap, Did he win the lottery? Yes, he did, actually. $13 Million? Yeah, that will buy you a lot of comics.

The beautiful collection is lovingly arranged and displayed. No surprise that the collector dreams of opening a museum one day so his collection will inspire others as they have inspired him. As he says, "Comic books can help get kids to read. Or maybe they just make them forget about all the bad things going on in the world for a few minutes."

If you've ever visited Riverside or 5 Points in Jacksonville you'll know this house as the big bright-ass red house on Park Street with hundreds (200-250 according to their own estimates) of giant inflatable Holiday Decorations that take over the entire lawn every Halloween and Christmas.

I drive by this house nearly every day. Next time I might be tempted to pull in and ask if I can come over and play? (Please?)

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  1. I'd love to visit a home like that. I've heard of collections like this but have yet to see one in person. I think you should knock away and get invited in.

  2. I might have to! The house is a local legend, it's on a high traffic road and gets TONS of attention when the lawn is filled to the brim with giant inflatable Holidays decorations.

  3. How fun to see something like that. I like his attitude about the comic books and kid's reading. Following along now. Pam @ Sallygoodin

  4. Have I told you that you are one of my favorite bloggers?

    No, I don't think I told you.

    Well, you are.

  5. Nogrinnin- Thank you from peeking out from anonymity and telling me that, I appreciate it!

  6. Wow, so much to look at! Thanks for linking up to It's Party Time Thursday @PonyTails&FishScales!


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