Friday, July 2, 2010

DIY Shrinky-Dink Necklace Pendants

I wasn't raised with the joy of shrinky dinks, so I had no idea what a fun, simple, and cheap craft they make until my friend Emily's Craft Night at her bar Underbelly.

1) Design Your Shrinky Dink
We used a clear "shriny dink" paper you can get at any craft store, usually in the scrap book paper section. It's easy to trace so if you don't draw you can trace any design you like. I drew a few quick thumbnails on scrap paper then traced the final designs unto the shrinky dink paper with sharpee. My Sexy Scientist and Robot "line" I'm working on is called Computer Blue (After the Prince Song, of course!)

It's incredibly easy to draw on this paper, it has a velum like texture. You can create bright colors with simple crayola colored pencils.

There are different types of Shrinky Dink paper available, even some that you can print on which can create beautiful designs. Personally, I can't wait to Make my own with regular plastic! Expect the tutorial here when I make some with recycled plastic!

2) Pop it in the Oven

Careful cutting out your design, this paper rips easily! And use a hole puncher to make a little hole if you want to wear your shrinky dink as a pendant. We used a craft oven but you can use a regular one, follow the instructions on your paper. The paper may curl up while it shrinks, it's easy to flatten out immediately after you remove it, though. Keep an eye on it!

3) Apply a Thin Coat of Glue to Seal it
Fresh out of the oven it should be safe to apply a thin coat of glue to "seal" your shrinky dink. Here we used Mod Podge. If your edges are not as perfect as you'd like, you can sand them down with a little sand paper.

By the way... be mindful that these will shrink greatly! Look how much this owl shrank!

4) Finishing Touches
We added rings so these can be worn on a chain. You can also use string, ribbon, or any other materials you have around. You can add some paper to the back with modge podge to make them pop or even paint them or add glitter.

I'm a fast sketcher so this is a perfect instant gratification craft. I'm addicted and I'll be making more of these in the near future!

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  1. Ha! I remember this stuff. Very fun.

    I agree with you about the anotomy posters. There is something very cool and artsy about them.

  2. I like 'em!

    I've made pendants with Shrinky Dink paper, too. But I used rubber stamps on mine (because I can't draw to save my life and it never occurred to me to trace stuff) and cut them to shrink to fit into Patera pendants. Way more failed attempts than successes, unfortunately, with my method! LOL

    It's a fun little medium to work with.

  3. Rubber stamps is a good idea! These are so addictive...

  4. Cute! I've got some Shrinky Dink paper I need to bust out. . . Happy 4th!

  5. I have never done shrinky dinks...but I like instant gratification I will be trying these!

    I'm stopping in from Transformation Thursday!

  6. This is awesome! I haven't made shrinky dinks in years. I love your owl.

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy Session with Life in the Pitts!

  7. I would have never thought of sealing it in with mod podge! Great idea! (visiting from hoo's got talent)

  8. What a fun project! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

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