Monday, July 5, 2010

Thrifty Illustrations & Tupperware

My thrifting enthusiasm is wanning temporarily while I continue my hardcore purging and organizing efforts. But I did manage to stop into a Goodwill for the hunt this Saturday.

I'm always on the prowl for functional vintage Tupperware and the two above fit the bill, $1 each. Actually flour and sugar holder but they'll work for leftovers. I scanned books section thoroughly and didn't find anything but these lovely kids books full of colorful illustrations. I like the "Sea Songs" book best. I'll have to scan, print, and hang some of these beauties.

 Last night, watching the fireworks in Riverside. Scratched myself jumping a fence for this view...

Today is my last day off before the work week begins anew and it's been my first paid day off in two years or more! I wish I could have gone to the beach, but instead I'm putting effort into getting this house as organized as possible to save my sanity. Enjoy your July 5, everyone. It's back to "work" with me...

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  1. stellaluna is a favourite around here! and those tupperware canisters, i see them here and there but i never get them. i don't "need" them, but i like them all the same.
    ~ ana

  2. Growing up in the Tupperware heyday I don't see the attraction - yet. But I do appreciate the change in colors over the years.
    I keep saying I will scan and print things from books, but never find the time.

  3. I soooo remember that cool tupperware!


  4. dogsmom- these days, neither do I. But I've done it before and need to do it again. I could eliminate my need for Tupperware if I would cook smaller portions.

  5. Great Tupperware find - I don't think I've ever seen blue Tupperware canisters before.


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