Friday, July 16, 2010

My First Scandinavian Mid Century Modern Couch

Two friends helped tote this vintage mid century modern couch down three narrow flights of stairs and across town to my apartment.It's the first piece of furniture I've found from the era, and I'm working on making the rest of the living room attractive enough for its presence. I love it, but it has some damage. Thrift Experts, I need your help!

It looks brown in picture but in real life it has a criss-crossing fabric of shiny gold, black, white, and tan. The cushions and most of the fabric is in perfect condition.

 The biggest flaw is the significant cat claw damage. It's on the front posts and it's far more extensive of the back where the feline sliced and diced its way through sacred vintage fabric (blasphemy!) Even with the damage, the couch is so comfortable and so attractive I couldn't walk away from it and paid the full $200 for it.

Luckily, the damage is not too noticeable, especially since its back (where the significant damage is) is to the wall- but thifting experts- do you have any advice on how to fix the cat scratch damage? Without taking hours with a needle and thread that I simply don't have I don't have a clue. I might call some upholstery repair professionals around town for some answers.

On Throws: I know throws hides damage, but I've never had a nice couch without irreparable stains or rips that made throws a necessity. I want liberation from them!  That's why I'm going to fix this damage and not conceal it.

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  1. It's amazing!!!! I love love love it! I'm not sure about how to fix it, but it's so pretty!

  2. Superglue the frayed ends and they won't fray any more. Just use a tiny bit. As you glue, poke the threads you can back into the sofa.

    Let me know when you decide to sell that couch!!

  3. I was thinking the same thing, Barbara. If you're serious you'd have to consider what would likely be an outlandish price for shipping and the extensive hard-to-mend cat damage on the back that I ran out of time to take pictures of. A virgin couch, she ain't!

  4. Oooo, nice! No clue...but add in a coffee table and a nice throw and I doubt anyone would notice the cat damage!

  5. I've fixed damage like this in the past by re weaving and it is painstaking and time consuming, but it cost me nothing and the furniture looked good when I was done.

  6. i don't have suggestions on how to fix it, but wow, it is so nice! (a lot of couches on blogland recently! :P)
    ~ ana

  7. I had a friend who used hairspray and slightly patted down her cat frayed couch, it worked wonders. I think she just sprayed it then rolled and patted or something.

  8. PS I am super excited for your purchase!!!

  9. I opened the picture it doesn't look to bad. From what I can tell there are no broken thread or the weave is still just fine? Use those little machines they have for sweaters for piling or if you trust yourself I used scissors. I just slid the scissors were the fluff was making sure not to get any actual thread and cut it off. I had a couch same era same type of fabric. I did that for years. Eventually the idiot cat I am forced to live with ripped through and created a hole but yours is way WAY before that at least on the arms. The back if your not planning on anyone seeing it. Tape it just to stop the damage from getting bigger. Oh and if you want to use something for fraying use fray check. Its at any sewing store even wal-mart in the crafting section. It will stop fraying, looks like water and dries well like water. I'd use that before super glue. Its cheap too and that little bottle goes a long (long ) way!

  10. Fab find!!! Way to go!

  11. That is so cool! Could you take some fabric off the bottom of the cushions and replace it?

  12. Cute sofa! Maybe try that Mighty Mend-It (is that the name?) stuff that they advertize on TV? I haven't used it, but says it works on fabric. Worth a try?

  13. Other than what the others have said, I just drape a cool throw over the arm so that it hides the repaired damage and not worry about it.

    It's a beauty!

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