Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thrift Haul: Fun Retro Patterns

I wrote about these cups in my Epic Thrift Trip blog post. I resisted the cups then because I didn't need more coffee cups than mouths in my home (one set typically, occasionally two) but when I returned to the same thrift store and saw they were still there I couldn't resist. They will be sold on Etsy once I get all my stock organized.

I won't mind having them around until they go, though. I'm currently using the green for my sencha green tea. The design is Japanese and they look like they were made in the 60s or 70s.

My friend was admiring this wooden wall hanging (A Swiss Souvenir from 1974 according to the back), it was priced at $20 but the thrift store owner generously offered to knocked it down to $5. It's not what I usually go for but it looks like it was made to hang in the space between my kitchen door and dining room window.

I have another happy discovery from the weekend to share but I want to wait until it's properly displayed to write a post for it. If you follow my Thriftcore Twitter you might already know what it is. Can't wait to share it!

 [Sneak Peek]

I will reveal three new super easy tutorials soon. I don't have the time for complex stuff, and I know you don't either! Planned posts have been canceled as my purging and organizing kicks have extended into the wee hours of the morning. I tried to resist any kind of living room reveal until its completion, but couldn't resist sharing a sneak peek:

More improvements will be made every day. Can't wait to reveal the whole thing (and maybe even the whole damn organized house!) next week. And I can't wait to sleep a full night when this is all over!

[Not Buying It] Yesterday I wrote about Going 1 Year Without Shopping, could you do it? With How Busy I am I can't squeeze this project in for long, but I'm confident I can last one month. I'll write about it so all can laugh at my pathetic shopping withdrawal symptoms.

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  1. you've got some fantastic pieces in your home, and i can't believe you got that wall hanging for a mere $5!

  2. i have a special place in my heart for mugs, but i know what you mean...more mugs than mouths. it's just too much. these mugs are a beautiful little find.

  3. Jeni- I love the patterns, their so happy and bright!

    Sarah- I wonder what the value on a thing like this could be, hmm..

  4. Oooh! I have those same cups but in orange and red! Sold a couple in my shop, but kept some myself. They're my favorites!

  5. beautiful pictures! I love your style

  6. Love the mugs!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Brings back memories!

  7. Those mugs are fab! Are you sure you'll be able to bring yourself to sell them? And I love that chart on the far right of the photo of your room!!!

  8. I love those cups and really it'd be more appropriate to sell them in a group of three if they are Japanese. Traditional sake sets are aways in odd numbers, although using them to drink sake might result in very amusing things as they'd hold a lot! I don't know how you let all these treasures go. I'd be too tempted to horde them.

  9. That one wooden hanging looks almost like an Amish pattern :-)


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