Friday, July 30, 2010

One Picture: Summer at the Community Garden

Our Community Garden is thriving and I'm excited to watch it grow. I haven't had much time to go out and work on it, but I'm eager to start an herb bed and some late summer tomatoes. How is your garden growing?

It's hard to help your garden thrive when the temperatures are soaring. Every gardener that I speak with here in Jacksonville Florida that got their start in other states or countries unanimously say this is the hardest climate they've ever had to grow in.

Truly, summer is the worst time to grow vegetables in North Florida. It's like trying to grow plants in the fire and brimstone of hell! Below are some tips that should help you get through the hottest months:

2010 Gardening Calendar:'s annual planting guide

Watering Tips for Our Dry Summer Helping the plants survive the scorching heat.

Essential Summer Gardening Tips When to prune, when to water, and other essential tips

Sometimes slaving away in the garden during the hottest months feels like masochistic torture, but eating meals made from fresh, organic, home grown vegetables always makes the torture worth it. Make sure you stock a cooler full of tasty ice cold drinks before you head out into the inferno, I know I will!

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  1. Those who garden at this time of year in the South are awesome and I salute you from my air conditioned house!!!!

  2. What pretty color! Love communtiy gardens.
    Pop on over and see my moment.

  3. Beautiful!

    My moment ~ the most curious bird.

  4. We started our first garden this year in the Phoenix area and it's our hottest time of the year but we're still producing tomatoes, chile, and basil. We enjoyed cucumbers and lettuce earlier but they're done now. It's a great hobby and we're learning as we go.

  5. Such sunshiny beauty :-) Are those bees, hard at work? I cannot imagine gardening in such heat. Heck, I can't imagine living at all in that kind of sustained heat. I would wilt, presumably like the gardens.

  6. nothing more beautiful than a sunflower:) i so adore them:)


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