Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekend Thrift Haul: Art Bits and Books

This weekend I made one Goodwill pit stop while running errands. This time I uncovered some fun artsy bits and a couple of books. The framed print of the charming European Style city above was completely unnecessary but for $3 I couldn't put it down.

I broke my "for-the-love-of-god-no-more-bags" rule and bought this beautiful Metropolitan Museum of Art tote. I love the big moody cat and the shiny, long black handles. It holds my DSLR camera, gameboy, and a couple of magazines admirably. It was $3.99

These mugs were made in Japan (though decidedly not Japanese in Design). I was attracted to the vegetable paintings- what Gardner wouldn't be? They were $.59 cents each.
Household Hints & Hands Tips is chock full of information with cute illustrations. I don't have high hopes for  Memoirs of a Geisha (the movie was mediocre but it also omitted half of the book) but the. 50 cents I paid for it at Goodwill would be less than my library late fees if I checked it out.  

Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution is a staple and this copy was in perfect condition. The final red book is an index of animals with more lovely illustrations.

The last purchase is unusual for me. It's a small "two pack" of shrink wrapped art prints with cream colored mat. I typically avoid this kind of ubiquitous Americana artwork but this one charmed me. The composition and colors are nice and this scene represents a town during fall with bountiful ripe pumpkins- reminding me of Halloween, my favorite time of year.

But what I really bought this for was this painting of women crafting at home. I work in a bland corporate office* all day so the thought of staying home and working on a quilt with friends in front of a roaring flame looks romantic for me. I'll hang this print in my "craft room" (actually a dining room). Both prints were .50 cents each.

*The rest of the office is bland but my desk isn't.

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  1. quite the good haul this time, i'd say. i really like the first art piece as well, reminds me of so many tiny streeted european towns with churches in the distance.

    i hope you enjoy memoirs of a geisha. i really liked the book, and i bought it for my "library." i only buy books after i read them, which might be strange, but then i know i have amassed only the ones i love.

  2. Oh dear, I too find most art unnecessary in some ways but so necessary in other ways. When it is affordable I also don't mind changing it out and replacing it with new. It's so strange to think of you in a bland office when everything I know about you is about color, style, creativity and art.

  3. I need to join a support group called.... "for-the-love-of-god-no-more-bags" I don't do well passing them up either!!! P.S. the one you got was REALLY cute!

  4. APG- I updated the post to reveal the full disclosure on that. My work and the office might be bland but my desk isn't ( http://thriftview.blogspot.com/2009/11/hello-again-im-van-this-is-my-office.html )

  5. Visiting from TTA. Do you make things with these thrift finds or use them as is?

  6. Great Blog! I'm a new follower form Follow Me Back Tuesday! I would love if you would follow me back!


    FYI the book Memoirs of a Geisha is an amazing read. So much better than the movie.

  7. i want the kitty bag! jealous!

  8. This is a great blog! I'm grabbing your RSS Feed, and of course would love if you would visit me at http://helena-agalneedsatleast2blogs.blogspot.com/

  9. I found your blog through Apron Thrift Girl and I am really enjoying your finds! I know I would not have passed up the Met kitty bag either. It looks like a nice big bag for library books.

  10. Hi from your newest follower via FMBT.


  11. I have to say, I would have broken the rule for that bag too. It's just way cool looking and I'm not even a cat fan.

  12. I have a Goodwill weakness too, as I drive by I swear it taunts me "you don't know what you are missing in here." Memoirs of a Geisha is absolutely one of my favorite books. Ever. The movie does not do it justice. Give it a chance.


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