Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh Deer: And Other Cute Thrift Store Things

I thought I would resist all thrift stores this weekend. But the siren's calls of two Goodwills were irresistible this past Sunday.
These sweet Japanese porcelain "faux kokeshi" dolls were $1 each. I'm slowly amassing a collection of these, starting with the first two my dad bought me back from Japan years ago.

Right next to the porcelain Japanese girls sat this retro deer planter. I love the expression and the elegant lines, she's precious. I'll list it in my Etsy shop soon.

I hope this book on Painless Writing works. I need all the help I can get. So...tired...of...writing.... I'm at the two year mark of writing professionally and I'm running out of steam.

I already have this Prince Hits video tape, but a very old "Recorded-over" video tape (I have dozens of these, my parents would record rentals all the time). I've never seen Lensman but cheesy looking cartoons and/or anime are irresistible for me.

I've watched my Prince Hits video tape so much that it might snap in the VCR, this new copy will be my back up. It's full of classics, even some hard-to-find songs ("Peach", "Alphabet Street") and one of my favorite early songs "I Wanna Be Your Lover". The latter features Prince in a v-neck woman's blouse looking more gorgeous in skinny jeans and eye liner than I ever will. (Damn you Prince, you gorgeous man-woman-man). But Michael Jackson will always be my favorite.

Lime green carry on rolling luggage for an upcoming cruise and for other planned traveling destinations. I like the color and the inside is like new, $3.99. I almost left it behind but other instigating thrifters told me to just grab it before I regret it; I think they were right.

I love the Japanese Street Fashion inspired Harajuku Lover's line but resist the expensive merchandise so I was happy to encounter a tiny bit of Harajuku Lover's goodness while thrifting. I hope the thrift Gods bring me a Harajuku Lover's purse next!

'Twas quality over quantity this weekend, I'm very pleased with each item I found on Sunday. 

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  1. oh how I love the deer planter so beautiful and retro looking! You know what? my bathroom is painted the same color as your hallway, love the seagulls there too!

  2. Prince was my Man....I know, I know he is so short lol! BUT.....:) Love the little retro reindeer...what cute finds this week. Thank you for joining..and enjoy some others as well. Have a great day. Debbie

  3. I love that little deer! Did you see the plushie deer over at Pixies and Bears? (It's on the "Just Something I Whipped Up" list today, too!)
    I could use that book, LOL! I've been writing professionally for 30 years but haven't sold anything in a few years. I've been working on a mystery novel FOREVER!

  4. oh i agree, such a sweet little deer. it looks tiny, but what a little bonus that it's a planter. i've been looking for a small version of that sort of animal (do you remember the ones that came free in boxes of tea ages ago?) to use in a terrarium. anyway, it was fun looking through your finds!

  5. I have been wasting/spending my morning (now afternoon) getting my buyer's fix looking at everyone's thrifting finds. Sick, I is, for sure.
    I just had to laugh when other buyers told you to get the suitcase, I do that sometimes so I won't be tempted, though you will be SO glad when you see all the black suitcases and yours stands out, easy as lemon pie to see.

    Girl, I have to start selling my stuff, or stop thrifting and the last thing isn't going to happen. Was it hard to start on ebay or esty? I need to go thrifting for some gonads, 'cause I am one big old scaredy cat.

  6. suzieQ- I have it on good authority that Ebay is a pain. From first hand experience, Etsy is really simple. The biggest challenge is FINDING TIME to stage and take good photos, and staging the photos with the right lighting/environment. Actually setting up the shop and listing items is easy.

    DO IT, don't delay! Why not TRY to make the thrifting passion our living? I'll continue to try every day and share tips from the trenches.

  7. Love the deer planter. Great score!

  8. The call that comes from nowhere to 'go thrift' when you have made the decision to stay away is so hard to resist. It errodes your willpower unti you just have to go, or go nuts imagining all the great things others are finding. Does the tape have 'Raspberry Beret'?, it's one of my favorites by Prince. Great finds!

  9. My daughter would love the hair pins and I am going for the deer planter, she is so sweet.Good finds.

  10. I just saw some Harajuku Lover's at Target. They have binders, note pads and something else that I can't remember. I gasped aloud when I saw them. I heart Target.


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