Thursday, August 5, 2010

Start Your Online Business: Inspiration for Success

I took the a big step that many passionate thrifters and vintage collectors want to take...or already have. I've opened my first vintage store on!

I have hundreds of items to list. The work is grueling. I've spent hours researching vintage items and tips on reselling, even though my time is very limited. But my passion for unique vintage items and giving them a second chance keeps me going. Oh, and a fierce desire to be my own boss. That's important, too.

Now Move Your Ass - Inspiration For Success:

Don't let doubts hold you back. If you have a passion for writing, interior design, vintage items, art, or crafting- pursue work in that field. Life is truly way too short to worry about failure, or to continue working at a job you hate without even trying to reach your goals.

Excellent Guides For Running an Online Business

If you want to get your start on reselling or selling your unique wares online, here are a few admirable guides I've been following. They are business savvy, and well written- many times even heartfelt and genuine. They will help you reach your dreams.

Apron Thrift Girl- With bountiful posts full of tips on reselling covering a wide spectrum of topics, Apron Thrift Girl is not a blog to miss.

Mustard Seed Creations- Miss Mustard Seed's workshop series not only has the business know-how you need to start an art business (like how to deal with the tax mess that comes with it) but she shares her start up fears and insecurities; we can all relate.

Design Sponge, Biz Ladies- The Biz Ladies section of the hugely successful blog Design Sponge contains a rouge's gallery of information. There are easily over 100 articles all chock full of detailed information on starting a business. You'll find everything from making a successful blog to designing your own elevator pitch. A must read.

If anyone else has suggestions for this list, please let me know. If you've written your own spiffy how-to guides, I would love to link to them. I wish you all luck with reaching your dreams. And please wish me the same, because I sure as hell need it while I continue to play the balancing act with my other projects!

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  1. exciting!! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! Good luck to you and keep plugging away at it :)

  3. Congrats! Also add to do research in the Etsy forums. Tons of help there for getting started and learning new tips and tricks.

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