Friday, August 6, 2010

One Picture: One Thought (Kitchen Closed? AMEN!)

I keep wishing they could bottle motivation: So when the weekend starts instead of feeling like a pathetic lump I can be filled with energy. This weekend if I can't motivate myself to cook, clean, craft, and work I'll resort to the closest thing to liquid energy- coffee. Though it might just help me be lazy faster. I'll report from the trenches on Monday, as always.

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  1. Here's to liquid motivation. Happy Weekend. Enjoy.

  2. Ha, I've been feeling like this a lot lately!

    Great website, I've only starting thrifting in the last few years and feel a whole new world has opened to me. Love it!

  3. That plate is perfection! Hope you have a relaxing weekend : )

  4. sometimes you just need to rest before any creativity can flow again. that fallow time is essential!

  5. i love cooking and baking but this week i have been wishing i could just close up the kitchen and order take-out every night (no budget for that, though!). good luck on staying motivated. i'm going to make some iced coffee this weekend and hope for productivity!

  6. I have had that illness before! :)

    My Moment....a message I found from my oldest daughter after she went away for a few days this past week....

  7. just clicking around your site and came across this. "help me be lazy faster" lol thanks for the giggle.


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