Monday, August 23, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to go on a Cruise

I went on a four-day cruise from Thursday August 19, 2010 to Sunday August 22, 2010 with a group of 17 friends. I highly recommend anyone make time for at least one cruise in their lifetime; here's the highlight reel of our journey.

1. Unlimited gourmet food

Unlimited gourmet food was available basically 24/7. Sushi, lobster tails, veal, delicious soups and salads- we ate it all in abundance and miss it already. I feel like I ate the ticket price in delicious food.

2.  Constant Service

No cleaning after yourself is a little slice of heaven, I was surprised by the excellent service. Little towel animals were crafted for each room after room service cleaned it. They amused this "grown woman" more than they should have- look at this damn cute bunny!

3. Entertainment

Stand up comedy, stage shows, art auctions, and more took place on the ship. With the exception of bingo, it was all free.

4. Exotic locations

Our cruise took us from Orlando to The Bahamas. As a Floridian and having visited the Caribbean the touristy part of the Bahamas underwhelmed me.

I would have preferred to explore "real" areas of the island and immerse myself in local culture, but I still enjoyed drifting in the calm, cool water. The beach had clear blue waters and white sand- exactly how you imagine the Caribbean.

5. Boozing

A ship with ample liquor being served and a huge liquor store on board could lead to trouble. Every member of our party managed to "sneak in" some quality intoxicants (at least one bottle, sometimes more per person). The result:

Three solid days of parties and chaos. I took many blackmail shots I won't share here...

To conclude: Sure, I don't quite have my land legs back 100%. I have a bit of risidual dizziness from a combination of running more than I ever have in my life (down long hallways, exploring, catching up with friends), drinking copiously for three days straight, being on a moving ship, and barely sleeping, but it was all worth it. I can't wait until the next cruise!

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  1. What a great post! I've been on a couple of cruises and my man wants to go on one, so I have been thinking about a short one (3 or 4 days). Thanks for posting the cool pictures.


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