Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get Beautiful Clear Skin... With Food!

You can get clear, blemish free skin for free using items you already have in your kitchen! These homemade products are more effective than store bought ones because there are no fillers. They are composed of fresh, active ingredients. Try these, you'll see a difference overnight!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A tiny dab of olive oil on a cotton pad is the perfect make up remover.

How it Works: The molecules in olive oil are too large to clog your pores, so don't fret. Using extra virgin olive oil to remove eye make up will moisturize your eyelashes and the delicate skin under your eyes.

Sugar & Olive Oil
Mix a teaspoon of olive oil and two-three teaspoons of sugar (organic, raw, unbleached or refined white, all are fine) to craft the perfect body scrub.

How it Works: The extra virgin olive oil moisturizes while the granules of sugar scrub away dead skin cells. I love to use this on my lips. Try it, nothing will make skin feel softer and smoother!

Fun Alcohol Toners 
Gin and tonic, sake, or champagne- they all do double duty as delicious drinks and toners for your skin.

How it Works: The alcohol will lift dirt and oil from your skin, visibly cleaning it. Simply swipe on your skin with a cotton swap like a normal toner. Bonus: Sake is made with rice and is known to soften and brighten your skin.

Tea Tree Oil & Water Toner
Mix a tiny amount of 100% tea tree oil (found at any natural food store) with water for the perfect toner.

How it works: Mix about 3-5 drops of toner into an 2 ounce container. Tea tree oil must be diluted as it is very strong. Tea tree is antibacterial and healing, it kills break-out causing bacteria and repairs skin cells. Saturate a cotton ball in tea tree oil toner, leave it on your skin overnight. You'll wake up to a more radiant complexion!

Lemon Cleanser/Toner
You can use lemon juice like a toner. Leave the juice on your skin for as long as you desire, then rinse it off. Alternately, you can leave it on overnight. Experiment!

How it Works: The mild acid in lemon exfoliates your skin like a mild "chemical peel", revealing the new skin underneath. The acid also helps reduce dark spots and kills bacteria that causes breakouts. It's the perfect solution for oily, acne-prone skin.

Honey Scrub 
Mix equal parts honey, olive oil, and sugar. Stir, then consume. Just kidding, stir then use as a body or face scrub.

How it works: a variant of the sugar scrub described earlier, honey has healing and anti bacterial properties. It kills bacteria in your skin while rejuvenating skin cells. Mixing it with olive oil makes it less sticky and easier to apply.

Test it First: Test all mixtures on a small patch of skin before you use them to guard yourself from a painful allergic reaction. I'm working on a complete guide that I'll probably publish as an Ebook, but I hope you try some of the staples I've shared in this post. I've done the research and tried each one, they really work!


  1. this is a great collection of natural beauty shtuff (words are escaping me, sorry!). i like posts like this. thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Van, for sharing these beauty secrets! I look forward to experimenting with them.

  3. Thanks for the tips, I would love to try the lemon juice one. I have a problem that's either the summer humidity or stress that causes me to have irritation, so I'm always open to trying new types of remedies.

  4. What great hints! I can't wait to try the tea tree oil toner!

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  6. this is amazing information! I never had really bad acne, but my poor girls do (they get blackheads really bad too). They have their dad's skin~greasy & large pores (unfortunately).
    We will definately be trying these! thanks for sharing!
    visiting from Life in the Pitts link party.

    Rachelle S.

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