Thursday, August 19, 2010

Easy Kitchen Makeover: Add Color & Style for Pennies

 It's easy to add color and art to your kitchen without painting the walls. I'll show you how I transformed my kitchen from bland to colorful without spending a dime.

Before: I opted against painting my small rental kitchen. Color is added with my retro signage collection but I wanted a bolder statement and more functionality.

After: The two large pieces and various smaller ones and accessories add color to the kitchen.

Making Art: On Monday I showed you how to make art from scrapbook paper. I repeated the process to yield three matching Japanese style food themed art pieces. Frames were on hand, thrifted gifts from the mom. You can also frame:
 Art in progress. Chaos!
  • Foodie Calendar pages
  • Beautiful fabric
  • Illustrated version of your favorite recipes
  • Pages from vintage magazines or magazine collages
  • Your own acrylic or watercolor paintings
Adding Shelves: These twin shelves were another thrifted gift from my mom from a year ago. Shelves will add color and functionality, they're found in abundance in thrift stores and even languishing in your friend's garages. (Just ask: do you need that?)

Display Your Aprons:  My apron display isn't just pretty, it's functional and gives me easy access to my aprons. People try to buy my thrifted sea horse hooks all the time!

Display the Necessities:  I like easy access to my cutlery, so I arrange them in colorful tiki glasses. I've broken two tiki glasses this way- be careful not to place anything top heavy in glasses like these!

Group Like Objects: Collections look best when displayed in groupings of like objects; this creates a better statement. 

How do you add color and life to a room when you can't paint the walls? Sometimes that limitation will inspire creativity. Drop the despair-enduing Perfect Home Kitchens 3000 catalogs and don't look beyond what you already own to spruce up the homestead.

Be Back on Monday! I'm going on a cruise to the Bahamas from today to Sunday, it's a much needed break. I'll be back and writing blog posts on Monday!

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  1. Lot's of great eye candy. I could spend forever looking at all of your treasures.

    I hope you enjoy(ed) your cruise, lucky you.

  2. WONDERFUL! How amazing. I am your newest follower. Can't wait to look around some more. Linked over from PonyTailsFishScales

  3. I love what you did with such a small space! Looks functional and beautiful!

  4. Adorable! We live in a central city art deco apartment with almost all concrete walls. SUCH a pain for hanging all my framed art! However my kitchen is the one room I've managed to decroate to my liking! (Just showing off to you... haha) Love your blog.

  5. Beautiful! I need to get a nice looking apartment first so I can add stuff I really love!

  6. love your kitchen redo. I've been working on my office for a week and I keep thinking of your blog as inspiration.

  7. Fun kitchen- some many cute items to look at! I love those black and white checked floors.


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