Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thrifting Tips: Wardrobe Essentials, Save Money on Clothes

Everyone needs the "wardrobe essentials", classic pieces you can mix and match for unlimited outfits. With September nearly upon us I've vowed not to freeze my proverbial nuts off this fall and winter, I'm setting a budget and going thrifting for all the essential goods.

Qualities of Wardrobe Essentials

Timeless Classics: Your wardrobe essentials aren't trendy. They're classic, timeless. You won't have to get rid of them in a couple of years because they're not "in".

Flexible: You can change the look of the classic piece with a couple of simple accessories. You can mix and match them to make a variety of outfits.

Wardrobe Foundation: The Wardrobe Essentials are the foundation for your wardrobe. You build your outfit around them. They're like a blank canvas your build your outfit on.

Thrifting for the Wardrobe Essentials Checklist
Your wardrobe essentials vary depending on your location, profession, and tastes. This checklist is rather universal. These are essentials we could all use and wear.

Get a few basic pieces from the thrift store and you'll need less clothes and spend less in the long run.


White button-down office shirt
Comfortable Print-less T-shirts
Undershirts, Camis, etc
Black Dressy Top


I hate itchy sweaters and all they represent! I like to cut them up with scissors! But I do keep an eye out for a basic black cardigan because they go with everything and they can be comfortable. 


Trench-coat: universally flattering, great for flashing unsuspecting children and imitating film noir films

Raincoat: Keep it in the trunk for afternoon showers. Maybe some rain boots, too.
Leather: goes with a variety of outfits, sexy
Blazer: Essential for the office, good to dress up casual outfits too. I need two good fitting ones in khaki and black. Hard to find the good ones!


Dress pants: formal occasions, or for work, these are a most-haves black ones are essential
Jeans: casual ones for fun, dark blue/black fitted ones to go with everything else
Pantsuit: Everyone needs a good one so they can be a bad bitch like Jackie Brown


Little black dress: easy to find at thrift stores
Evening dress: -snore- if you must, thrift stores have them
Casual/summer dresses: I will move to a tropical place one day, and these will be my uniform
Office work dress: Plain solid colored dress (shift dress), thrift for one in a flattering shape. A challenge!
Party Dress: for the work cocktail party, etc.
Pencil Skirts: Easy to sew, I like these in navy, khaki, and black. Easy to wear and they go with everything.

Hunt down unique, artistic, vintage pieces to dress up your outfit while hutning in the thrift store:

Purses: casual totes, black work handbag, book bag, travel bag, rolling luggage, etc. 
Belts: define your waist, shape an outfit. look for wide ones, skinny ones, and standard varieties

Scarves: knitted ones for warmth in the winter, colorful ones to embellish your outfit. 
Shoes: Boots are expensive, so finding a quality thrifted pair is a good goal for fall
Jewelry: basic hoods, dangly ones (chandelier) for fancy occasions, diamond studs, pearls-these are all classics. Jewelry is where you can show your artsty side with bold, unique pieces. Thrift for vintage ones.

I'm hitting up the thrift stores to reap maximum savings while fulfilling basic wardrobe needs this winter. Are you with me? Be sure to evaluate each piece and make sure it's versatile to reap maximum usage out of the item and your money!


  1. Love your blog and thanks for visiting mine... didn't have the balls to get rid of a wasp nest by myself though - that required some expertise!

  2. Great tips. I can't think of anything I own that isn't thrifted. When it's had it's day, it goes back to the thrift store.

  3. I love thrift stores, and always get compliments when I wear the clothing I've found there. :) Thanks for sharing your great tips on wardrobe essentials! I hate itchy sweaters too! lol

  4. I can't wait to start thrifting after reading this...The only problem is I can't get any shopping done with my two little ones with me...I guess I'll have to make a special day out of it every now and then!

  5. Threadflip is an awesome place to thrift for clothes.


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