Monday, August 16, 2010

Add Color to Your Walls: Easy Wall Art Tutorial

I've decided against painting my apartment's kitchen. As an alternative way to add color to the walls I'm embarking on making some large framed pieces.

All this took was some thrifted scrapbook paper and origami paper. From the brainstorming sketches to the final product I spent an hour and a half on this project.

I used an enormous square frame my mom gave me, she found them at a thrift store. They once hung in a dentist's office. I couldn't wait to cover their creepy smiling faces in ghastly sepia tone...

All it takes to make a bold graphic statement is paper, scissors, and glue. The theme here should be blatantly "kawaii" Japanese style.

Only a tiny bit of glue was needed to hold the whole pieces together. I might change a few things around so the four squares of scrapbook paper are held together with drafting tape on the backside.

I had to physically restrain myself from drawing faces on these shapes. They are (clockwise) a maneki neko (will reshape this later, not pleased), a turnip, a strawberry, and a kokeshi style girl in kimono. I'll try to get used to the simple shapes but a sharpie might find this piece soon...

How do you add color to walls when you can't paint them?

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  1. Fantastic idea...I love it...great colors too. Thanks for joining in this week!!~ Debbie

  2. That looks really terrific, and a great idea to cover up those braces!!

  3. I cannot believe you made this! I absolutely love it. Have you ever thought about selling these?

  4. Kim- Thank you! I've sold these before and I will again once I have enough made. :)

  5. This is simply delightful Van. I love that they were made from thrifted supplies and I love to see your artsy side in your posts. You are so talented.

  6. van? this is fantastic! i'm so glad you dug this one up to share this week. i like your use of printed papers and the quadrants -- it all came together so well. have you made any more like this since?

  7. Hello from Ana's Friday Archive Dive
    Gorgeous bit of color that you created to add to your wall...I prefer white walls with lots of special things hanging too!
    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend!

  8. Stopping by via Ana's Archive Dive. What a great project! And those faces were kind of creepy and need of covering :-)


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