Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Used Furniture

I want a couch. Last week I wrote that I can never get my living room "just right". One problem is my ripped couch, always wearing a sheet to hide its shame.This weekend I broke down and salivated over a modern furniture catalog (from nearby Nest Living) but I didn't give in. I know thrifting patience pays off. Here are three reasons why it's better to buy used furniture.

1. Joy of Acquisition Fades: You're literally high when you have a fresh new furniture. But as time passes it's no longer fresh and pristine. You're paying thousands more for a short-lived fresh veneer.

 $1758.90 Paramount Studio Sofa by BluDot from local modern design furniture store Nest Living. Visiting this lovely store tortures my soul.

2. No Comfort: I couldn't relax on a couch that cost more than $1,000. I bought my dining room table new (on sale, of course) but wish I would have thrifted for one I could craft on and spill drinks, glue, and more on without worry.

3. Monumental Savings: If I hold out long enough I can find the perfect couch for free, people throw out couches all the time. Go to Craigslist.com in the "free" section and you'll find people desperate to toss their furniture.

4. A Second Chance: When you buy used you're saving an item from the landfill or thrift store purgatory. You're giving it a second chance.(Like adopting strays- without the mess!)

5. Unique Furniture: Furniture stores tend to have the same cookie cutter pieces. They may be sleek, sexy, and tempting, but the fact that they are mass produced makes them ubiquitous and boring. When you thrift for furniture you find nice old pieces with character, unique works of art.

 The couch in question. Should I get it?

Tonight I'm taking a look at a Mid Century Modern Scandinavian couch. It looks like it's in perfect shape in the picture and it's being sold for $200. The hunt for the perfect piece of furniture can be long and painful but assembling a home full of unique thrifted pieces frugally is much more rewarding.

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  1. The couch in question (the $200 one) looks lovely. But is it the *perfect* couch for you? Only you can answer that.

  2. I'd buy that sofa in a heartbeat. Buy it and I'll buy it from you!!!

  3. Nogrinnin- thank you for the advice, I can't wait to see the couch at 8PM today.

    Barbara- a couch with built in re-sell value, irresistible!

  4. That my dear is an amazing retro couch. It has beautiful lines, a good dark color that could swing in so many different ways if you chose to redecorate. It won't show dirt at all! AND easy to reupholster if you need to down the line. I don't know were you live but here that is a smokin price on a good mid-century couch. Easily 600.00.

  5. Crap forgot the only thing we have noticed with old mid century couches is the foam is disintegrating in some. This could be because it is so dry here. But ASK and if you can see it in person. Sit on it and look under, see if there is a fine yellow powder underneath it.

  6. Did you know that the sign of a high quality vintage couch lies just under the cushions. For most sofas the bar that goes across (under the cushions on the front) should bend with weight. This makes a more comfortable sitting position. Those with 2x4 pieces of wood are usually made cheaper. My mother taught me this funny enough. Our orange down filled sofa from Henredon has this soft thing. I'm sorry that I don't know the name of it. Our new one ($50 white one) does not but it might be because of either the length of it or it was made with less expensive material.

    I think the brown couch is stunning. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. But then again, I love sofas. I now own three which is really 2 too many. Part of the reason I don't spend a lot on furniture is that my taste change with the seasons. It's easier to resell a $200 couch rather than one you paid $1500 for. You might even make money on the $200 couch if you can ReSell it for $300.

  7. I love that couch! *LOVE!* I would break my vow of no spending for that couch at that price. It's probably a good thing it's not in my neighborhood.

    Let us know if you decide to go for it. Hopefully it's comfy!

  8. I love it! I have been patiently searching craigslist for a couch like that & so far have only found velvet ones I like. But with 4 kids that won't work. Our last couches we spent $3500 on only to have the color fade on the leather! I do like the idea of saving stuff from the dump!

  9. New follower via Follow Me Back Tuesday... I LOVE this couch! I say go for it! :)

  10. I am ABSOLUTELY not kidding!! How I'd get it from Jacksonville to CA is a thought, but I will buy it from you if you get it.

  11. Two most important reasons for buying vintage furniture is, it is less costly as well as unique as it has already used by others and it is comfortable for sitting. Nice explanation you have provided.

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