Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Few Favs: New Michael Jackson, Incredible Photography, Design & Vegan Nutrition

I've been meaning to do Saturday Favorites and more honest post updates, but is this too much content? Do you want to read this? If you do, e-mail me and let me know. Anywho, here are some weekly favorites. Can anyone identify the source for the incredible image above? That looks like four different photos put together but look closer- it's ALL ONE SCENE! It's arranged with incredible precision. Just. Wow. I aspire to be that creative with photography. Genius!

I love this DIY Dollhouse idea from Modern Thrifter. The thrifted wooden wall shadow box is perfect for storage and play. I need this for my robot toys. Yeah I'm a grown ass woman with two boxes (small ones, but still) of toys. No Shame!

(If you're reading via e-mail, click through to the post to see the video- actually a nice homage)

Now for an MJ rant! I was listening to my Prince/The Heavy Pandora Stations when a familiar, heavenly, light, tenor voice and a beat straight out of 1984 came on. I rushed to the computer to see it was "Love Never Felt So Good" a "new" Michael Jackson song. It's from the new posthumous (bastards!) Xscape album. Everything else on the album sounds incomplete. "A Place With No Name" has a beat straight-up stolen from "Leave Me Alone"! Compare! But where "Leave Me Alone" is a brilliant mix "A Place with No Name" sounds like an extended, incomplete refrain. "Loving You" is okay, but it does sound a bit like an unfinished Off The Wall B-side track."Love Never Felt So Good" hits that sweet spot between "Pretty Young Thing" and "Rock With You" (makes sense, the vocals were recorded between those two albums in the early 1980s) and I actually love it. Shame on me. This is the only posthumous song so far that does Michael justice; it would fit right in on Thriller. Listen, it's the perfect relaxing weekend jam. (Here's an "original" version without Justin Timberlake, I like this one better). I want to play it on repeat all day...

More Link Lovin: 

Love Megan Elizabeth's interview with Scientist Victor VanRambutan on Nutritional loopholes in the low fat raw vegan diet. I don't follow this diet (I switched back to mostly high fat raw vegan, this works better for a busy person, I cannot make myself eat all you have to eat on low fat), you probably don't either, but people on any eating regime can be low in these nutrients. It's a fascinating video with natural and easy solutions for getting our nutrition at optimal levels.

Have an awesome weekend! I'm about to meet some buddies for a nearby rooftop restaurant brunch (I'll take photos on Instagram), squeeze in some yard sales/flea markets/hunting, sneak some item listings on to Etsy + finish some more blog posts before a fun night out at our favorite local bars to finish birthday celebrations!

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