Monday, May 12, 2014

Thrift Haul: A Super Sale on Retro Mugs and Mod Kitchenware AND MORE, Get it!

Muuugs fo' sale! Everyone, muuuugs fo' sale, come an' get 'em before they're gone, muuuugs fo' sale! Mod Kitchenware, too. Actually, there are mark-downs all-around! Come one, come all, step right up. This event is ONE DAY ONLY:

One Day Only Super Sale, Taking Offers! Today Only: I've gotta reduce some merchandise, aah!!! If you're in the market for some beautiful retro mugs check out my mugs sale and kitchenware sale on Etsy. I have them all marked down to their lowest prices. If you'd like a group deal e-mail me via Etsy or my e-mail form and I can calculate a group shipping price for you. Thank you! If you're in the market from some gorgeous vintage, help me reduce! You can stock up early for Christmas! (I know from messages and e-mails some of you have been eyeing the shop and waiting, too! If you haven't e-mailed, yup, I'm reading your miiiind.) These mugs are marked down from their usual $18 to $29 range. I'll also entertain offers on everything in the shop!

On Shipping: All shipping prices are overestimated for the farthest distance, I will refund any overages OR you can provide your zip code and I can calculate an exact amount for you. Thanks so much for supporting Thrift Core and helping me clear out merchandise in advance!

If You're Local: If you're local let me know which items you'd like and I can set them aside for you for pick-up! E-mail me and we can negotiate and set a meeting.

This is going to be my final sale before items go back up to their regular price, so stock up while you can.

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