Friday, May 23, 2014

Hybrid Rainbow Shine: Colorful Undercover Tourist Shopping in Okinawa, Japan

I've yet to met a graphic designer that doesn't appreciate Japan's meticulous eye for design. Mix that with my obsession with kawaii (literally, cute- it infiltrates everything in Japan, even their military logo is adorable) and you have an intoxicating mix. On a drizzly day my friend took me to an undercover shopping center filled with an explosion of color and tempting tourists curios.

The post title is inspired by a favorite Japanese song Hybrid Rainbow, listen (click here) while browsing the photos:

Oh, there are many more photos from my epic Japan adventure to come. I've got more shots to share of interesting Japanese store fronts, beautiful fabric designs, Hello Kitty Explosions, food, cafes, shrines, nature, and more! I enjoy these shops in particular. They squeeze massive amounts of merchandise into every square inch of space without sacrificing appeal. I wish I had this stacking skill for my antique mall booth! Leave to an island nation with limited space to be pros at it.

/Comments Off But I should be back this weekend with a post or two, so check back. :) If you missed it I also posted more posts than usual during the week. I'm on a posting frenzy writing like a madman behind-the-scenes.
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