Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MODify: DIY Transformers Game Board Push Pins for Your Office Cork Board

So I've been making little game board shelves- but what of the extra pieces? I don't waste anything around these parts, they've been put to use as push pins for my inspiration board. (The "cork" board was also homemade, tutorial here).  I bought a stunning vintage knock-off Transformers Game from Etsy. The framed piece is probably my favorite thing in my new "office":

The colors. The graphics. Transformers. Perfection; it represents everything I love about my brand...but I had nothing to do with the matching pieces...until now.

I used push pins and E6000. A hot glue gun should work well, too. Just one step here: glue the pieces to your push pins. You can sand the tops of your push pins for better grip but it's not necessary, mine are holding on just fine many uses later.

A simple glue job and voila, sexy Transformers push pins. Is this reductive? Pedantic. Perhaps. But it's the little details that make life special. It also ties one half my office to the other theme and color-wise. It's a graphic designer/artist thing. Can't help it. We're crazy people.

Have fun jazzing up your inspiration boards. I made some out of red dice and other game pieces, they're add whimsy instantly and they take minutes to make.

/Comments Off - but check out my office tour post today if you wanna chat. Yep, two in one day! Weekend posts approach again, too!
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