Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hot Hotels: Tampa Florida's Palm Tree Neon Lights and Native American Kitsch

Ah, hotels. Homes away from home. Filled with fresh towels and charming Polly Pocket soaps...and the DNA of lovers past. The fresh sleeping environment recharges the creative batteries. A friend asked me to take him on a one-day business trip to Tampa, Florida in exchange for vegan food. Food? Hotel? Free? Sold! I'm an easy bribe. Our hotel's neon sign against the purple sky is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. The palm completes the sultry Tampa Nights mood.

We passed out soon after arrival.What makes a hotel room so much more restful than home? According to a study in the journal Sleep Medicine Reviews, one of the reasons is the ubiquitous blasting AC. We sleep best when our body temperature is declining. (And insomniacs like myself tend to have a higher core body temperature at bedtime. Partners tell me I'm a ‘furnace’ at night.) Pro tip: have a tepid shower before bed to drop your core temperature - it works!

In the morning after dropping off my friend I took photos of the cozy room before catching-up on some work.

I enjoyed the earthy tones, 1980s bedsheets and the kitschy, "Native American" artwork motif consistent throughout the entire hotel.

Hotel room layouts inspire me to work well with small spaces. In one small room we have a kitchen with stove and upper and lower counter space, a desk nook, two beds and a standing shower bathroom. All with ample natural light and large mirrors to reflect it and create an illusion of roominess.

I love a clandestine cubbyhole like this. Everything you need and more in one well-appointed little kitchen!

On my next Tampa trip I want to fit in a trip to the aquarium, museums, and anything else kitschy and exciting.

/Comments Off feel free to e-mail me any kitschy stop recommendations, in Florida and World Wide!
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