Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Get Your Life Together for 2011

I love the new year, it's a proverbial clean slate. Now is the time to work toward your New Years Goals. I've designed January's blog posts to help you reach 2011 ambitions. Next week I start my Organization Series, I hope you'll stop by to read it.

How to Get Your Life Together for 2011, In Short:
Small improvements that will make a big difference.

Organized Home

- Put it away as soon as your done with it
- Donate it if you haven't used it in a year
- Be selective about what comes in
- Create an "Organization System", stick to it
- Clean a little bit every day (One example: Clean daily in 19 minutes)

Financial Control

- Review your accounts and ask for discounts
- Automate your accounts
- Track every cent you spend in 2011
- Develop a budget, stick to it
- Save, Save, Save

Better Health

- Eat a big salad before dinner
- Add vegetables to every meal
- Fit physical activities into your day (Walk, Clean the house, Garden, you can start small)
- Buy a bike, ride it
- Join a gym (You know our cheap souls will use it if we shell out money for it!)


- Write a thrift list of needs/wants
- Thrift often
- Really dig and look in unexpected places
- Look for the best deals (try estate/yard sales)
- Don't buy what you don't need/won't use
Better Blog

- Choose a clear focus
- Create an "editorial schedule", plan posts in advance
- Blog often: practice, practice practice
- Comment on other blogs
- Genuinely interact in your community 

At the end of each month I'm going to do a  New Years Goals progress report. I'm dedicated to making all of my resolutions come true this year, and encouraging others to do the same! (Join the New Years Goals Tag if you haven't set goals yet.)

How are you Getting it Together for 2011?
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  1. I definitely will be doing some of these. I posted something related to organizing your things here. I think that will be a big something this 2011

  2. I really love a lot of these goals!! Since I have been living on my own, no room mates, just myself in a very tiny studio apartment my cleaning and organzing skills have improved SO much. I do not have room for a mess or clutter. It also really makes me evaluate what I bring into my home, whether I actually have use or room for it! Financial control has also become a big factor, as soon as I got my own place I have been keeping exact detail of my money, it is SOOO much less stressful knowing whether I have money for bills and whether I can afford to buy something or not. You have really, really inspired me to start thirifting more. Whenever I need or want something, I am now going to thrift for it first! I've got a list in my purse now!

  3. Jamie: Glad I've done my job as a thrifting instigator and inspired you to thrift more. When you thrift before shopping retail, you can save big!

  4. Miss Lou: Loved your organization tips!

  5. I'm totally with you on writing a wish list before heading out thrifting. It helps you focus while out shopping, saves you money and somehow magically all the things I write down seem to appear!

    Great Advice. Happy New Year!


  6. My list has some points just like yours. I hope we can do it all over the year!

  7. That's some great hints. I don't make lists so I'll just use yours. Thanks.

  8. Oh how I love organizing all the many aspects of my life. Gives me a clear head.

  9. Bruna: This isn't my new years resolution list. Just a list of ideas I hope will inspire people to reach their goals this year!

    My new years resolutions are far simpler: http://bit.ly/eLlkct

    Chic HM and Donnie: I love list-making!

    Sue: Thank you!

  10. This may honestly be the greatest post ever. Everything you listed is something I really want (and need) to do, and all of your steps are so helpful - seeing these goals I have broken down into reasonable and doable steps is really motivating. I really love the article "How to clean your home in 19 minutes," too - I'm going to give that a try!

  11. Mandy: Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad the list has motivated you! Good luck! I'll be working hard to real new years goals, too.

  12. Thanks so much for stopping by & saying hello! :> Looks like a great list you have going here. I used to be a Huge listmaker and have gotten away from my loved lists....and am getting lost in all the mental notes I have going on upstairs. I'll have to come back to keep me inspired to keep getting back at it! :>

  13. Hi Van! I have a blog award for you, come check it out. http://craftygeordi.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-first-blog-award.html

  14. Love the idea of a monthly progress report. I, too, do so much better when I make lists. I am working on several to help me stay focused in the NY (e.g. what we need to do to get the house on the market).

  15. Great post!!
    I love the beginning of a new year, because it gives me a chance to step back, evaluate, and reorganize.

  16. Great ideas - think you've pretty much covered everything! Something I want to make sure I do this year is homemake more lunches/snacks for taking to work rather then buying them. I reckon this will save a load of money, and also it's nice to know what you're eating - the list of ingredients on some ready-made foods is a joke! I made some (pretty healthy) cereal bars just before NY that worked out a treat - http://knittingontrains.blogspot.com/2010/12/homemade-cereal-bars.html

  17. Jessica: Yum! Thanks for sharing that. I work in an office/am always on the go so I'm ALWAYS looking for on-the-go meal options.

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