Friday, January 28, 2011

Thrift Tools You'll Love: Find Your Hidden Treasures

This installment of Thrift Blogs Tools You'll Love shares nifty tools that will help you get your thrifting and yard sale hunting on this weekend.

Use this tool to map out your yard sale hunting for the weekend. Yard Sale Treasure Map searches through yard sale ads listed in to find the Yard Sales closest to you. I found a Jackpot of vintage treasures two weeks ago from yard sales for pocket change, so I'm definitely squeezing in my yard sale hunting this year!

You can also type in keywords like "mid century modern" or "antique" to find yard sales in your city carrying the collectibles you crave. This is a simple tool with many perks, I'm going to use it for my Yard Sale hunting this weekend! (Detailed review here)
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An incredible resource for thrift lovers. You can use the directory to find thrift stores across the United States, and chat about thrifting in the forums. Join the shopper forum and chat with other thrift hunters. Chat in the Thrift Industry Forum for tips on opening your own Thrift or Antique Store.

What are your go-to online thrifting tools?

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  1. That thrift shopper site is so useful since I'll be in ny soon, and on may in texas I need to find great places!

  2. Miss Lou, where in Texas? If in the DFW area, I can direct you to some great places....

    I love the "yard sale treasure map" idea....thanks for sharing!!!!!


  3. All Thrift bloggers should write reviews of awesome local thrifting haunts. I'm working on a long one for my city of Jacksonville Florida. Can't wait 'til it's full enough to share it.

  4. WOW!! the treasure map site is FABULOUS!!! I'm heading to an upscale yard sale tomm out on the beach( pinellas county,FL) and the treasure map showed me tons of yard sales on my way there!! Hope the sales are plentiful tomm!!!

  5. This is so useful! I wish we have something like this. There are so many markets that sell secondhand stuffs all over Cambodia. Might be a good idea for me to map them, at least the ones in the capital Phnom Penh. Great job, Van.

  6. Nancy: Hope you found lots of treasures! I love living in Florida, thrifter's heaven!

  7. Good Thrift-Hunting: I'd love to pick your brain about those second-hand adventure you have in Cambodia.

  8. Bruna: You're welcome, I hope it's useful1


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