Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Time to Take Your Thrifting Seriously: Keeping Track

For 2011 I'm keeping a spreadsheet of every single item I buy or find while thrifting and junking. Many of you already do this. You're re-sellers keeping track of your stock, or maybe you keep track of every cent you spend anyway. (Which I'm also doing.)

This will be my first year pedantically keeping track of thrift finds. You should do the same, so you can:

- Look at monthly totals for thrifting finds and try to "beat your high score"
- Pat yourself on the back for how much you've saved vs. buying at retail price
- Keep perfect track of inventory and profit if you're a reseller
- Keep track of your growing vintage collection
- See how much you've saved on dumpster-dived scores
- Discourage yourself from buying unnecessary junk

I'm using Google Docs to create/manage my spreadsheets because I can access them from anywhere and easily add new purchases right after checking my mail. It's a great option for those without excel.

Do you keep track of thrift/junking purchases and finds? What do you use?
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  1. This is actually a GREAT idea, especially for those of us who buy a ton of thrifted goods and can't remember where or for how much we got it.

  2. Definitely a good idea, even if you don't resell - cause someday you might! That happened to us =) But,we only started thrift tracking records 2 years ago - makes it difficult to remember info on items we bought long ago.

    Also, tip: Make a column for a unique ID#, item condition (or other notes), and "location". Write ID#s on the receipt if you have it. Location is helpful (i.e. "box 29","bedroom","attic") if you need to find stuff later!

  3. Yes!!! This is a great post/idea! I told my husband we would never know what we saved, or be able to do anything meaningful with it, if we don't keep track of the savings and set it aside. Otherwise, it'll def get blown!!! I'm bookmarking your post - thanks for sharing! Happy 2011 and happy thrifting...

  4. Keeping track is a great idea, I know I've saved some money thrifting & dumpster diving, but who knows how much? : )

  5. A La Modern: Excellent suggestions. I'm going to add those extra columns to mine today!

  6. This is a great idea. You've already bought more in the first week than I think I bought in all of 2010. :) I'll definitely keep track of it this year, thanks for the suggestion! I also like the idea of keeping track of where you bought it.

  7. NP: You're making my buyer's remorse bubble up, my thrifty friend! :)

  8. WOW! I'm impressed. I sort of keep a mental tally, but rarely check the value of the items I pick. Also, love your organization piece from yesterday.

  9. This is such a great idea- I've never been more excited to start a spreadsheet!

  10. Woah! This is SUCH a good idea. I don't resell, but I do like a good list. And I do like to revel in my thrifty finds. Though it would be terrible if the boy found the list. I guess I'd have to hide it in a locked folder on my computer - you know, like thrift porn.

  11. This is a really good idea Van. I would not have thought of using Google Docs for this application but it's perfect. Thanks!

  12. The Queen of Fifty Cents: I wrote this post in haste this morning, oops! I'll give you a proper shout out soon!

  13. I started keeping track last year and just used a pen and paper method. I think a spread sheet like you have is much better. I should do this for sure. It's been fun to go back and see what I bought and how much I spent.

  14. I've been keeping an Excel spreadsheet of sorts for a few years, but refined it the past two years. I keep 2 spreadsheets, one for purchases and one for inventory for resale. The one I keep for purchases includes all my thrift store and rummage/estate/garage sale purchases, including those items I keep for personal use. But after reading this post and the one from Queen of Fifty Cents, I think I'll keep detailed tracking of thrifty items I buy for personal use ... that way I can either pat myself on the back for saving so much or kick myself in the pants for spending so much!!

  15. You can do it, Van! Meticulous records and no new merch. Tomorrow, maybe the junk drawers? I could use some tips - every other one here is full of bits of this and that.

  16. Thanks for the push (you too QOFC!) I started mine today (after a particularly nice haul yesterday at a fave thrift! (Well, actually not a fave because it is crowded and *rude* shoppers freq there, but the prices and selection are a huge fave!)

  17. This is a great idea! Good way to keep yourself motivated and inspired to keep on treasure hunting!


  18. Thanks for the google doc tip. I've been thinking about how to track my purchases--today I start!

  19. I already have a sheet like that but I love the idea of using google docs to have it. I should start tracking what I spend, another goal? I guess

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