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Thrifter's Decluttering Guide: Sell Your "Trash" for Cash

When you declutter you'll wind up with plenty of items you no longer need. When the item is stained, ripped, or unusable- trash it. What remains can be donated, or even sold for a profit. This guide will help you decide which items are best to sell.

I would love it if you re-selling professionals out there would provide your feedback to perfect this list!

- Appliances -

Appliances that are in perfect condition can be sold on eBay and Craigslist. Sell vintage on Etsy.

- Art/Craft Supplies -

You can sell name brand and/or expensive supplies on eBay. Consider donate supplies in perfect condition to educational centers and schools.

- Baby Items -

Baby items are always in demand, you can sell them on eBay and consignment shops. Consider craigslist for selling a bit loot of baby stuff your child has outgrown.

- Books -

Valuable books can be sold on eBay and Amazon. Thrift Stores, libraries, and educational centers will take you used books if you can't sell them.

- Clothes -

Only sell and donate clothes in good condition. Try Etsy to sell vintage clothing and Ebay for name-brand clothing.

- CDs and Records -

If you have valuable/collectible cds you can try your luck with eBay. Try selling your records on Etsy or selling them to a local record store.

- Electronics -

Gazelle may buy outdated electronics like digital cameras and ipods you no longer use. You can also try eBay and Craigslist.

- Furniture -

Craigslist is a good way to go to sell furniture in good condition. Don't sell your torn and broken furniture!

- Household items -

High end household items can sell well on eBay. Try selling cute vintage household and kitchen items on Etsy.

- Sporting Goods and Exercise Equipment -

Use Craigslist and Ebay to Sell sporting goods in perfect condition. Local youth programs, scout troops, and schools may take your used sporting good donations.

- Tools -

Some Craftsman tools have a lifetime waranty. Learn more on how to replace craftsman tools here.

- Toys -

Only donate toys and board games that have all of the pieces! Consigment shops and Ebay may be the way to go to sell valuable or collectible toys and games. You can try Etsy for selling vintage toys as well.

- Video Games -

If you have newer games you can sell them to or trade them in at some local video game stores. Try craigslist and ebay for selling classic counsels like your Atari and Nintendo. Ebay is a great way to sell any video game or video game counsel.
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Inspiration and information for this section came from Real Simple: The Organized Home. I recently checked it out from the library and the information in the back is particularly useful.

Organization Thursdays: Since so many of us are trying to declutter, I'm going to start an "Organization Thursday" here at Thrift Core where I share organization resources, inspiring before and afters, and tips. Let's inspire each other to get organized this year!

What "Trash" Do You Sell for Cash?
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  1. Great article! I love following your posts and tweets. We did a spotlight on; they have a great (free!) eBook about selling your junk, Spotlight link: Keep up the good work!

  2. Excellent writeup! I need to start taking a better look at books, records and electronics. Usually go for houseware/dinnerware for selling,but I know I've missed a ton of other things. I know a little about older electronics, but nearly nothing about books - need to start getting educated one of these days.

  3. Nicole: Thank you for sharing these excellent resources. I'm going to read the eBook when I get off tonight!

  4. Great tips--thanks for the post it has reminded me to sell my son's old video games!

  5. Vanessa, you forgot HALF.COM for selling books. I haven't sold a single book on Amazon that I've posted, but I sell all the time on Half. EBay is also okay for selling books.

  6. TYRaines: Thank you for the excellent tip!

  7. I dont usually sell my "trash" i donate it, or exchange it for other valuable "trash"

  8. I've seen many a crafty blogger selling their supplies (usually to get some cash to buy the newest stuff out there! :>) directly on their blogs. And check local listings for a used book store that buys used books...some give cash and others a credit to buy more books (if you're a regular book purchaser, this can also be a good deal). Thanks for putting together a complete list! :>

  9. I on my 3 local mom's club and I sell tons of chidlren toys/stuff on there. I love it.

  10. Also with clothing and accessories you could swap them with friends. I have a 'swish' organised at my flat next month - my friends and I are going to swap clothes, drink wine and eat cake! Perfect evening!

  11. Vintage furniture is having high demand than new one. You will gain more cash on selling this.

  12. Great article! I love following your posts, Thank you for the excellent tip! denver heating and cooling


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