Monday, January 3, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: First Haul of 2011

I didn't do much thrifting this weekend, I used-up all my energy on my miraculous day off (Friday) donating boxes and boxes of un-used supplies to thrift stores and setting up my booth at a nearby antique store.

[David Weidman Screen Print Postcard, 1968]

Who could resist this lovely Weidman screenprint? I love his colorful, geographic style and I've never seen this print. I love this Willendorf-like goddess and the message here.
(It also looks a lot like a piece from my favorite Dr. Suess collection.)

I'm going to frame it, but it's a shame, the back is gorgeous too! Drool over this beautiful graphic design and distinctive, thick lettering.

[Wooden Korean Charm Necklace]

I forgot to take the picture of the back of this cute (possible 60s era) necklace charm. It says "Love is Giving" in white lettering with "Korea" in black underneath it.

[Kokeshi Doll Japanese Postcard]

This Kokeshi postcard goes nicely with my growing collection. I framed it hastily in a dollar store frame I had on hand until I find a better one.

[Various VHS Tapes]

"The Thrift Center" had a 50% off sale so I got a few VHS tapes for .35 to .50 cents each. The cover for "Kidnapped" alone was worth the .35 cents. (I don't know about you, but that's the lascivious look I'd have on my face if I had a virile young buck tied up in my quarters.)

(I also bought a couple of college text books for .25 cents each, too boring to photograph.)

Thrift Core Shop Preview...

 I was happy to get a call from Southern Crossing Antiques to set up shop early. I moved in this Friday. I wanted to re-sell wares online but my schedule prohibits me from being a successful online dealer. We'll see how this experiment goes. 

[Second Shelf in my Corner of the Shop]

My corner of the shop is far from complete, but it definitely reflects my personality; colorful and quirky. Hopefully some kindred spirit will gravitate toward it and relieve me of some inventory. (Any local readers interested in a "Thrift Core Reader Discount?" let me know!)

What did you find this weekend?
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  1. love your tags.
    and that postcard! you should frame it in those double-sided frames, sandwiched between two glass panes.
    happy new year, van!

  2. I want to shop in your corner! :D

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I found a few things this weekend...which I will post about in a day or two. Yay thrifting!

  4. Katie: Thank you! I want to shop in your shop(s) too. I think I'll do so tonight :)

    Marcia: Loved your artist interview, very inspiring.

    Ana: Good idea! Then I can flip it over when I need a change!

  5. oooo that postcard is something else! how beautiful, it's shame things are so un-pretty these days, I love how the front and back are both decorated.

    oh I'll definitely be by for organizational tips-I'm pretty good but get inspired by others too :)

  6. the shelfs look lovely, thrifting is always fun and brings something special to an average day!

  7. Some nice finds - really like that postcard too! That's great you set up shop at an antique mall. We've been wanting to do the same, but the rent is just so high around us. I think we'd have to try some of the malls further away. Let us know how the experiment goes!

  8. You could frame the Weidman print in one of those floating frames. That way you can occasionally take it off the wall and have a look at the back.

  9. I LOVE the screen print. Modern, cool, and great colors!

  10. Laura: Agreed, retail shopping bores me to death now. That's why we're thrift addicts.

    Miss Lou: I was surprised I was the only one who thought to add colored paper (thrifted wrapping paper in my case) to the shelves for interest. I hope it works!

    A La Modern: Our prices are not too bad down here in da souf- junk central :) I will make an update at the end of the month, we'll see if sales go well. This store gets TONS of traffic.

    Monogirl: I'll have to hunt for one, the back makes me happy!

  11. Oh, what wonderful finds! That print is fantastic. Looks like the setting up of your shop is going well. Hope you post more photos as it grows. I really like the paper behind the shelves.

  12. That neckalace charm is too cute!

  13. I love your shop, super cute tags! Excited to hear how it goes--

  14. Wishing you much success this new year in the booth. The idea of adding a background color to the shelves shows creativity and elegance.
    I was also going to suggest framing the postcard in something with a clear back.
    You are stocking the kind of things in your booth I can shop for hours. Maybe try vignettes on different shelves. Makes people want o buy more and recreate it at home.

  15. Ohh, I'd totally love to browse your shop! Looks great! Good luck on your venture. I feel like I want to try something like that, but I'm scared. :)

  16. I love the Weidman postcard (and second, third, lost count the double glass frame approach!)

    I just realized the cute owl print I won for a buck at an auction may be a Weidman too. When I get home this weekend I need to check. I learn so much from other people's junk! :)

    Good luck with booth-it's great!

  17. That postcard is wonderful! I hope your booth does fantastically for you-it looks great!

  18. That postcard is to die for! Good luck in your shop experiment!

  19. i LOVE southern crossing antiques in Jax! I lived there for 3.5 years and most of my furniture (plus countless household items) are from there! Such a great place to shop! Can't wait to visit again and check out your section next time I'm in town!

  20. Kristen: Southern Crossing is AMAZING, a labyrinth of lovely vintage goods. I'm in the very back toward the exit. I shop every time I'm there to check out the shop, uh-oh...

  21. That Charm Necklace is so great! Good finds.

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